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Professional Stalybridge Pest Control Treatments

One may tend to exclude birds from the category of pests. However, many birds cause significant damage to the extent that they perform the function of problems for all practical purposes. Therefore, it requires the services of a Stalybridge pest control agency to get rid of the pest bird menace.

A big Great Black-backed Gull guarding a crab.Damages Caused by Birds

Most people underestimate the damage caused by pest birds. However, accumulated bird droppings and nesting materials cause tens of millions of pounds worth of damage to buildings, roofs, ventilation systems, automobiles, machinery, and much more every year.

• Bird droppings are very acidic and eat away many substrates to cause leaks and reduce the life expectancy of such roofs. It also damages air-conditioned machinery and insulating materials.

• Birds such as pigeons and sparrows build nests in rain gutters, drains, and roof corners, blocking the drainage system and allowing rainwater to accumulate. This has even caused the roof to collapse, which in turn cause grave physical damage and even death.

• Birds building nests in ventilation systems and chimney block air flaws. Tiny pieces of bird faeces spread through these systems and cause diseases.

• Bird nesting materials, such as straw and twigs, are very flammable. When birds build nests inside electric signs or other machinery, the risk of fire hazards multiple many times.

• Birds flying around the insides of warehouses and factories ruin plastics by their droppings and may contaminate food secured inside such plastics.

• Birds defecate into food or water to contaminate the same.

• When birds build nests, they reside on the premises. Apart from the direct damage these birds cause, pest birds attract parasites such as ticks, fleas, mites and other ectoparasites.

How to Prevent Damage

Preventing birds from building their nests or frequenting premises is not easy and virtually impossible without the help of a professional Stalybridge pest control agency that specialises in offering solutions to bird menace. However, pest birds are determined and do not go away quickly. Moreover, removing them is hard work, often requiring accessing inaccessible places. The situation becomes even more complicated as there may be local laws and regulations restricting or restraining harming certain types of birds.

A professional Stalybridge pest control service makes a study of the issue and offers a free consultation to explain the best treatment method. They also provide a free quote, guaranteed service, and are fully covered by insurance. They come with specialised tools and safety equipment to do the job correctly. They are flexible to offer 24-hour service.

Opt for a Stalybridge pest control service that has a local branch office and offers 24-hour support and treatment options.

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