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Young's Pest Control for Stalybridge Flea Treatment Services

Are you suffering from a flea outbreak in a commercial or private property? If you are looking for a comprehensive Stalybridge flea treatment service, then why not contact Young’s Pest Control services to deal with the problem effectively?

If you are searching for a professional flea removal service then we address the problem promptly and effectively. We understand how widespread some flea infestations can be and how they need dealing with quickly. Our dedicated team of experts will exterminate the flea problem and return your property to normal working order.

Here at Young’s Pest Control, we are the leading providers in flea assessment, control and treatment. Our services are offered to both commercial and private properties and we always discuss a job with a client beforehand. A flea infestation can be problematic and must be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Primarily, we visit your property and guide you on the best way of exterminating the fleas. We will also discuss how we professionally remove fleas nest and the insecticides we use. Our services are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We ensure that our Stalybridge flea treatment and flea removal services are exceptional and that we use insecticides that target the problem area.

Cat and dog fleasList of Flea Species
- Cat Flea

- Dog Flea
- Human Flea
- Bird Flea

- They have a length of around 2mm.

- Fleas possess flattened body structures with overlapping plates on the thorax and abdomen. They have well matured hind legs for effective jumping.
- Fleas mouths are specifically designed to pierce the skin and suck animal/human blood.
- Fleas have miniscule eyes that are layered with backwards-facing bristles.
- Fleas have a grey or dark mahogany colouration. This can vary between species.

The lifespan of a Human Flea
- Flea eggs are usually 0.5mm in length and have a pearl colouration. They are often found in carpets, resting in between floorboards, on animals fur, in bedding or in clothing. Hatching normally occurs within 2-3 days.

- Flea larvae have a whitish colouration and can grow up to 5mm in length. Young is best suited to dark, humid and uninhabited places. After the young have moulted three times they will become fully grown within four weeks.
- Flea pupae interweave debris so the young can feed when in the metamorphic stage. The time of change is solely dependent on the temperature within their environment. Emergence is usually due to vibrations around them. The development time is dependent on temperature. Their emergence is in response to vibration.
- Once the cocoon has been discarded fleas will move quickly to feast on their first human/animal blood meal.

Specific behaviour:
- Adult fleas can live for weeks without feasting.

- Fleas thrive in shadowy, humid environments and live off organic remnants and adult flea faeces.
- Adult fleas feast on the blood of the animal they are specifically designed to unless a host isn’t available. They will then choose another suitable host off which they feed.
- Fleas live off domestic, household pets and humans. They are all a vital resource to keep the flea alive.

Important Information about Fleas
- Carpets throughout a property are havens for flea young, who have the chance to thrive without being threatened. Constant central heating also allows flea young to develop without hindrance.

- Severe allergic reaction and irritation can be attributed to flea bites. Fleas are thought to be the main cause of the bubonic plague outbreak in 1665 when they were carried on the back of rats.
- Fleas can also harbour parasitic worms which can lead to human infection.

Services Offered
We also offer specific flea fumigation and Stalybridge flea treatment, which is tailored to the needs of the customer. Flea fumigation and flea treatment can be a lengthy process, but we make sure that an infestation never returns to your property.