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Ashton-Under-Lyne 24 Hour Pest Control Treatments

With the destruction of evermore green areas to make way for increasing domestic, industrial and commercial property building, living space for those things we call pests is getting less and less. A case in point is the odd sighting you get of a fox running through your estate in the middle of the night.

It’s not just old properties, with their sagging timber roof joists and plaster-and-lathed walls that are the realm of household pests either. Modern bright properties are equally at risk. Calls to Ashton-Under-Lyne pest control service companies have been increasing by 20%-30% over the last few years.

ANT REMOVALYoung’s pest control services don’t just cover the usual wasps, bees, mice, rats and ants. Young’s Pest Control service and treatment company also specialises in the removal of the likes of fleas, bed bugs, silverfish, midges and beetles. Not only that but a 24-hour hotline is also available should you return from holiday to find your home full of wasps or some other nasty flying insects.

Unless you have an extremely deep pocket, ignoring signs of pest infestation is also likely to prove a very costly mistake. The larvae of many varieties of beetles, woodworm and moths can wreak havoc with furniture and woodwork, masonry and brickwork within the property.

The onset of winter brings with it the risk of many pests seeking shelter. The most obvious being mice and rats, spreading disease and damaging property, not to mention electrical outages and fire risk caused by shorting chewed cables. Covered by insurance are you; think again and read the small print. Many companies don’t insure against damage by pests.

Young’s Pest Control company will inspect your property for pests. Even without any noticeable infestation, preventive treatments can be carried out and certificates issued. Certificates for many types of pest treatment may help reduce building insurance costs when renewal time comes round.

While the majority of pest control companies maintain a 24-hour service, don’t think that what you suddenly see is the beginning of an infestation. The nasties will have been working away in the background for months.

For peace of mind contact us and ask for a representative to call. With our knowledge and experience, your whole property can be inspected and if required treated before major problems ensue. Saving you time and money in the long run and ensuring your next insurance premium is kept to a minimum.  Trust your Ashton-Under-Lyne pest control to us.



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