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Merseyside Pest Control 

Merseyside pest control is proud to be a leading 24-hour pest control services provider.

wasp removalWe specialise in common household Merseyside pest control and offer quick, efficient service in the Merseyside area. Our discreet service uses unmarked vehicles, so there is no need to worry about anyone finding out that you are suffering from a pest control problem.

What services do we provide?

Bedbug control:
Bedbug populations have seen a massive resurgence in recent years. Due to their small size and tendency to avoid human contact (other than feeding), bedbug infestations can be challenging to locate and treat. However, our years of experience give us the skills to quickly and completely eradicate these elusive parasites.

Ant infestations:
An ant incursion into your home can bring with it a variety of problems. Once they have established a pheromone trail to a food supply, they are incredibly persistent and will keep coming back until the colony has been eradicated. Ants have been known to cause property damage as they expand their territories and damage bricks and mortar, leading to structural issues. Our technicians are adept at treating the problem at the source and killing off the colony to prevent any further infestations from breaking out.

Bumblebee/honey bee nest removal:
Once bees have gained a foothold in your property, they can be difficult to remove without placing yourself in danger of being stung. However, with many people being dangerously allergic to bee and wasp stings, safe and thorough removal by our experts is the only way to ensure you are kept secure.

Wasp nest removal:
Wasps are potentially even more damaging to your property due to their construction habits. They will chew up any available wooden materials to construct their nests, meaning that roof beams are particularly at risk of damage. But, again, our pest removal experts can eradicate the nests with no risk to yourself or your property.

Woodworm treatment:
Woodworm can be especially damaging to your roofing beams. Entirely removing the problem without professional help can be nigh-on impossible.

FleaFlea treatment:
As any pet owner knows, flea infestations can be particularly distressing. The resilience and short breeding cycle of fleas can mean that your home is soon infested to an unbearable level. Our team can remove the pests quickly and help keep your home from becoming re-infested.

Mice and rat infestation control:
Rodents can be very elusive and are often more active at night. Luckily you can rely on our 24 hour Merseyside pest control services to efficiently take care of any rodent problems you may be experiencing and put an end to their damaging and unsanitary presence in your property.

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