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Professional Stalybridge Honey Bee Nest Removal

Background Information on Honey Bees
Honey bees are small pests, which range in colour from golden brown to black. The nests of honey bees usually include a maximum of forty thousand honey bees. During the Spring and Summer months, a large number of honey bees will leave their nest to form a swarm. This swarm of honey bees will then search for a new location to build their nest, which tends to be in a warm and dry place. Honey bee nest locations can include the following areas on your property:

  • Honey Bee Hiveroof spaces
  • wall cavities
  • sheds
  • garages
  • compost bins

An infestation of honey bees can be problematic for property owners. As a result, it is of utmost importance that an infestation of honey bees is dealt with as soon as the property owner is cognizant of their presence. Trained professionals are the key to having a property that is devoid of these pests, and ensuring honey bee control. These professionals are able to deal with the honey bee infestation in a safe and effective manner by administering the following services: Stalybridge honey bee nest removal, honey bee hive removal and honey bee swarm removal.

Affect of Honey Bees on Humans
Honey Bee swarm in treeHoney bees, are by nature aggressive and can pose a serious threat to the health of humans. These pests will swarm and attack anyone and anything that comes into contact with them when they detect even the slightest bit of danger. When a honey bee stings a human it releases a toxin called Apitoxin. Interestingly, the amount and intensity of this toxin will play a factor in the amount of pain the stung victim will experience. Since these pests are small in size, an individual can be stung numerous times before the blink of an eye.

Honey bees can trigger severe allergic reactions in humans to the point where they collapse. After being stung, depending on the intensity of the pain, the victim can suffer from a heart attack, as well.

Honey Bee Control
Trained professionals from Young's Pest Control are able to safely and effectively remove the presence of honey bees from your property. Young's Pest Control offers the following services to property owners at a fantastic price: Stalybridge honey bee nest removal, honey bee hive removal and honey bee swarm removal. Pick up the phone, and give Young’s Pest Control a call now!