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Professional Stalybridge Mole Trapping

Full size moleMost people wouldn't assume that moles can cause too much of a problem. They are very rarely seen, and the only apparent evidence of their presence is the molehill. A mole infestation on your own property will give you a different impression though, and you will soon see that they can be of great detriment to your garden or land. Young's pest control offer a tried and tested Stalybridge mole trapping service to commercial and private customers affected by this pest.

Moles have a surprisingly large territory, and this makes them particularly difficult to locate and trap. As they prefer a solitary lifestyle, moles will rarely accumulate in populations denser than 3 animals per acre. This fact indicates just how large a mole's network of tunnels is. This has the unfortunate side effect of making the moles very hard to find. They can move quickly underground, and easily avoid detection from above.

Any large collection of molehills is likely to have been made by a single mole. They can tunnel at up to 1 foot per minute, and are extraordinarily active and energetic. It takes specialist knowledge to effectively carry out Stalybridge mole trapping and control. Merely knowing where to lay the traps is a complicated subject. Mole networks are constructed on many layers, with some tunnels near the surface, and some deeper down.

Mole in a molehillStalybridge mole pest control in an affected piece of land will protect the plants and grass on the surface. Moles will excavate around the roots of plants, depriving them of nutrients from the soil. They will also consume a huge number of earthworms. This has a negative impact on soil quality. Stalybridge mole trapping, at the first sign of activity, will prevent great damage in the future. The topology of a lawn will be distorted in time as a mole's network expands. In a commercial property, this can create hazards for livestock. Stalybridge mole trapping and control on agricultural land is important from both a safety and financial viewpoint.

As moles have such a wide territory, Stalybridge mole trapping and control must be carried out by professionals. The tunnels may well extend beyond your property. Blindly laying traps and poison will almost certainly prove to be unfruitful. Poison is generally ineffective against moles as they won't take the poisoned bait. Young's have a great deal of experience in trapping and removing moles, and this ensures that we can be effective and swift in our pest control.