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Professional Grey Squirrel Control


Grey Squirrel on a park benchAlthough squirrels may not immediately come to mind when thinking of common household pests, grey squirrels often cause a problem for householders. Therefore, we offer a professional pest control service for eradicating squirrels from both domestic and commercial premises.

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Our combination of traditional and modern methods is ideal for dealing with grey squirrel control in your garden or inside your property.

Animal Welfare

we believe it is essential to bear animal welfare in mind when controlling a squirrel infestation. With our years of experience and our veterinary and game-keeping knowledge, we have many options to offer you to ensure that we maintain these pests in a humane, safe and legal manner.

What Problems Do Squirrel Cause

If you have a squirrel infestation, you may find that they have caused damage to your garden plants and even your property itself if they have nested in your roof space. However, it is essential not to let this problem get out of hand, so it is wise to take professional pest control advice on dealing with the issue before the situation worsens.

Why Do We Need To Control Squirrel Infestations?

Grey squirrel close upSince Grey squirrels were introduced over a hundred years ago, they infected the native Red Squirrel population with diseases, being declared an endangered species. As a result, grey Squirrels are officially classified as pests. They have a high birth rate, often producing up to 14 babies a year, and they spread quickly, making their homes across the countryside, in gardens, parks, villages, and even city centres. Grey squirrels are rodents, and like rats, they are highly destructive, causing damage by gnawing and chewing through anything they find. They are deceptively strong and have even attacked people for food, so squirrel infestation control is vital. That's where our Professionals come in to help in eradicating the problem safely and effortlessly.