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Dead Animal Removal Services

If you have found a dead animal in your home or on your property, the first step you should take should be to call a professional, quiet animal removal service. Finding a dead animal, whether a rodent, domestic pet or other creature, can be upsetting, and it can be hard to know what to do. The animal may have died of old age, may have died of starvation or may have had a medical problem or disease. Whatever the circumstances, it is not wise to attempt to remove the body yourself. A professional dead animal removal company can provide expert assistance, a dead mousefriendly approach and fast service.

Whether you live in an urban or rural area, there is always the possibility of finding a dead animal on your property. Foxes and rats are just two creatures often found in homes and gardens in both country and town locations. Our dead fox removal and rat removal service are discreet and convenient, fitting in with your schedule. If you find a fox carcass in your garden, give us a call, and our dead fox removal technicians will visit your home and dispose of the remains.

Rats are a common pest in households throughout the UK, attracted by a ready food source and central heating. It is, therefore, unavoidable that sometimes you will find one of these rodents has expired in your home and will require the services of our dead rat removal technicians. Another possibility is that a pet cat has caught a mouse or rat and has brought it into the home unnoticed.

Often the first sign that there is a dead animal in your home is an unpleasant smell. It can be challenging to pinpoint the odour source, but checking cupboards, garages, loft spaces, and skirting boards may reveal rodent remains. Rather than attempting to dispose of the carcass yourself, it would be sensible to call in expert assistance, as touching animal remains is unhygienic and could be a health hazard. Animal carcasses must also be disposed of appropriately to prevent attracting vermin or causing pollution. This is another reason to seek out professional help.

You may find remains on your premises that require other dead animal removal services. Dying birds, squirrels or rabbits may also find their way onto your property, leaving you with the problem of disposing of their bodies. A call to our professional team takes away the stress and hassle of making arrangements yourself. We can attend to your home rapidly and handle the removal for you, leaving you with a comprehensive report of the situation. In addition, we can guarantee the disposal will be carried out safely and appropriately and within our waste agreement guidelines.

We are also able to disinfect the area where the carcass was found thoroughly. This is important to maintain hygiene and to ensure no contamination or health hazard to humans and domestic animals residing on the premises.

If an animal carcass has not been discovered for some time after its death, decomposition may have already begun. In these circumstances, removing the body can be more complex, and therefore, expert help will be required. There may also be a lingering and unpleasant smell that occurs in such cases. You may find that the odour is difficult to remove from your home, and therefore we can carry out an effective deodorising treatment to eradicate smells and return your home to normal.

Our friendly technicians are available seven days a week, so you can be sure we will be available when you need us. Other dead animal removal services we can provide include a dead pet removal and disposal service.

The death of a pet is always a difficult time, and often a grieving owner does not want to deal with the upsetting experience of dead cat removal. Our dead pet removal and disposal service are compassionate and understanding. Our quiet cat removal technicians ensure a considerate and professional service at a difficult times. We can provide a respectful and discreet removal service, and we deal with the remains appropriately. It can be difficult and traumatising to handle a much-loved pet's body, and we can assist with this. You may also find that you have no means of disposing of your pet's remains - perhaps you have no garden in which to bury the body, or you are unable to dig a grave yourself. Again, our dead pet removal service can handle the disposal of the carcass respectfully and compassionately.

Whatever dead animal removal and disposal service you require, you can ensure that our technicians will be discreet, understanding and efficient. Our team are happy to provide you with a sensitive and cost-effective service.

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