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Professional Stalybridge Ant Infestation Removal

Ant Infestation

Black antAnts in winter tend to bury themselves underground to look for heat, but in the spring they will venture out looking for food for their greedy queen.

All ant species differ in the way they build their nests and colonies.

Ant workers will go back to their nests after determining if a house is a rich new food source, and they will tell each other, and then - Ant Infestation.

Remember - ants are intelligent creatures.

Flying Ant Infestation

Flying Ants wait all summer for the perfect opportunity to mate. The perfect conditions for them are warm, muggy, with almost thunderous weather.

When a insecticide signal is detected, the Flying Ants will begin to swarm. This can last all day. The insects will begin to reproduce in their billions before the Queens lose their wings.

The Flying Ants will look for a place to lay their eggs for a new colony as the males die, and these places can be found in peoples houses. The Flying Ant infestation of a house is likely to be because there is a nest present.

The best way to counter is to block it after finding it.

An ant infestation in your house

AntsThe first signs of an ant infestation are the sight of ants scuttling across the floor. There are many ways an ant can enter a house - through gaps in the windows or the doors, or the walls.

Carpenter ants destroy wood, like chairs or tables to create sites for their colonies.

The best way to find an infestation inside is to look for where the ants are coming into the house.

Ant Control Treatment

If you see an ant infestation in the house, you need to see if there's a nest present inside. You can do this by looking for sandy soil near where the entrance the ants are using to come into the house. By using a trowel and a bit of digging, you may find little white eggs and panicking ants. This is the definitive sign of a nest. Young's pest control services offer a cost-effective means of Stalybridge ant infestation removal treatment since most products have a low percentage of insecticides.

Ant Removal

Youngs Pest Control offers professional pest control services, and this includes Stalybridge ant infestation removal methods. Most hardware store products for DIY methods use a lower percentage of insecticide. Dealing with ants by yourself can waste a lot of money