Strange Smells?

Dead bird rottingAre you smelling strange smells, unsure what’s causing the problem, it can sometimes be challenging to determine what kind of pest infestation you have or whether indeed you even have a pest infestation?

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If you can smell an unusual odour around your home and property you might be suffering from a pest problem.  It is tempting to try to deal with the problem yourself, however, any delay can result in the infestation getting out of hand and causing damage to your property, your business or even your health. Calling our professional pest control services can save you time and effort by resolving the problem quickly and efficiently.


Rodent infestations are often the cause of an unusual odour similar to a blocked drain.  Dead rats and mice emit a strong smell and also release urine when moving around which will leave an unpleasant odour in an area of infestation. If there is a large and well-established infestation the smell will be much stronger and more noticeable.


If you have noticed an unusual smell in your loft or attic it is highly probable that you have a bird control problem. Birds often find their way through small gaps in the roof or guttering and build their nests in loft spaces causing an unpleasant odour from their droppings. If the smell is coming from your fireplace or chimney, you should have it investigated as there may be a dead bird trapped inside which requires removal. Another cause of unpleasant smells in roof spaces could be a dead squirrel that has found its way into your home.

Insects or Mites?

dead mousePoorly stored foodstuffs can attract a range of pests and if you discover unusual smells in your cupboards or food storage areas it is possible you are suffering from a mite or insect infestation. Taints and strange smells in food can be caused by insect infestations or mite infestations. Cockroaches and mites, in particular, have a characteristic smell which contaminates food.

If you are suffering from painful bites and itching at night and have also noticed an unusual almond smell emanating from your bedding you may have a bed bug infestation. Professional pest control experts can get rid of this unpleasant problem for you.

Even if your home is free from pest infestation you may find your outdoor areas have unpleasant smells of their own. Feral cats or foxes often spray urine around gardens and walls which results in a strong and pungent smell of ammonia.