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Dealing with Nuisance Bird Pests

Birds are often viewed as harmless animals, but when they turn into pests, they can make your life miserable. They are capable of spreading diseases as well as wreaking havoc on your property. Most people have limited knowledge of bird species, and it is, therefore, becomes hard to identify the birds that are causing problems for you. In addition, most people have no idea what they should do to get rid of bird pests. The best option is to seek the help of our professional pest control company if you are having such a problem. 

pest birds

Birds cause a lot of damage by building their nests in and around your home. In addition, they carry on the other pests and insects, which further exposes you to diseases. The significant challenge that one faces when it comes to dealing with birds is the law. The law does not permit anyone to interfere with certain birds, their eggs or their nests. Anyone caught interfering with birds risks being prosecuted under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981.

Pest birds are capable of spreading diseases such as Salmonella, Ornithosis and E.Coli. They also attract pests such and bird fleas, bird mites and beetles. Not only will their droppings cause your property to stink, but they also make floors, roads and pavements very slippery. When nesting, pest birds become aggressive and extremely noisy to protect their young.

Pigeons are the most common bird pests. They can make their home in your roof, your chimney or attic. Pigeons are social birds, and pretty soon, you will have a whole swarm moving in when one settles in. Pigeons like to live in big groups to protect themselves from predators like dogs and cats. Living in groups is also suitable for mating and foraging.

Pigeon droppings can completely deface your property. These droppings also contain dangerous fungi and bacteria that can cause diseases. In addition, the droppings provide the perfect breading group for other pests, further compounding the problem.

Herring gullThe seagull is yet another pest bird that is commonly referred to as the roof nester. This bird can be highly destructive and aggressive. The most common problem experienced with this pest bird is their noise calling at each other and their loud footsteps. Their droppings are a health hazard full of bacteria and fungi. They can cause a lot of damage to your property due to their constant pecking as well as their nest. The herring bird has been known to attack humans and other animals, primarily to protect their young. Their nests and droppings introduce moisture to the roof and gutter, which can lead to rotting. Rotting will compromise the strength and stability of your structure. 

Crows are mainly solitary birds, but they can also live in a flock. Crows are extremely noisy and bold, and this gets even worse during their breeding season. They become aggressive and loud to protect their young and also to defend their territory. They are widespread in Ireland, North and West Scotland.

A chimney is a beautiful place for pest birds to create their nests. Many pest birds are attracted to vents, including pigeons, crows, gulls and jackdaws. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for these birds to die in your chimney and cause you many problems. When a vent gets blocked by a dead bird, it can be highly hazardous because carbon monoxide is released into the household. A blocked chimney can also easily cause a fire. 

Many such incidents have been reported in this area and require pest control services to deal with them. We will recognize the bird and give you the right solution for the problem without breaking the law.

Because of the Laws that protect wildlife, the best way to deal with pest birds is to seek the help of professional pest control services. Our professionals will help you birdproof your property and remove any food sources that are attracting the birds. They will also relocate these birds by relocating their nests and eggs. 

If you are having issues with pest birds, do not attempt to deal with the issue yourself. CInstead, all the professionals and let us deal with the problem.