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Carpet Beetles

Why do Carpet Beetles need to be Controlled?

carpet beetle controlBeetles are mainly observed damaging products like textiles, leathers and furs. However, these tiny pests can cause more damage than expected. Call our experts to take care of your infestations ASAP!


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There will always be great difficulty observing or even noticing a problem when it comes to tiny insects. Especially when it comes down to insects that are too small to see, as the larvae of these beetles are, an infestation can become widespread before a person even realises it. And because both adult and larvae beetles come out to feed in the dark, their presence is tough to detect. With all of these factors preventing a homeowner from realising how bad their beetle infestation may be, the need for professional pest control increases dramatically over time. 

Typically, carpet beetles fall into the Fur Beetle (the Attagenus billion species) and the Varied Carpet Beetle (the Anthrenus verbasci species). The Fur Beetle is also known as the two-spot carpet beetle because of that notable feature. The beetles are mainly observed damaging products like textiles, leathers and furs and feeding off dead chicks and feathers in bird nests. Indeed, beetles feed on many different types of animal by-products, including animal hair and wool. It is because of this appetite that they create such a significant problem in the home: they feast on carpets, blankets, clothing, upholstery and many other animal-related products.

These predatory beetles can enter the home through windows and doors, cracks and slits, and flowers. They generally choose to nest inside bird nests to provide an abundant food source for their larvae, but they also lay their eggs inside walls or chimneys where there are enough dead animals and insects to feed off. Although adult carpet beetles can eat pollen and nectar in gardens and away from home, the rich natural fibre in carpets attracts many larvae and adults. As a result, it can cause significant damage to the rug.

Both Fur Beetle and Varied Carpet Beetle larvae are known as ‘woolly bears’, and they are most widespread during spring when they are attracted by light and are easily seen near windows. The hairy form of the larvae changes as the insect pupates and sheds its hair. This process raises another concern because if these hairs get stuck in human skin, they can create a bite-like effect.

The Varied Carpet Beetle, in particular, has a long lifetime, and by the time they have transformed into adults. They have become regularly noticeable to the human eye. They will have been feasting on items in the home for as much as three years.

Because pest control services are sometimes a necessity because there is such a risk of having an unseen and widespread infestation, our goal is to provide you with those services and ensure that the proper treatment is applied for the right circumstance. It may be as simple as removing bird nest materials around your home or as complicated as a repeated application of insecticides on carpets and within the home. Whatever approach is needed, we aim to cure your beetle problems completely.

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