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Strange Sounds Coming From Your Ceiling and Walls?

Brown RatAre you hearing strange noises emanating from your walls or roof? What do you think could be the cause of the unusual sounds? It is possible that it could just be your over-active imagination running rampant late at night or just the sounds of your house settling.

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The unsettling noises may very well be as real as anything especially if you continue to hear them throughout the day. Perhaps you tried to find the source of the odd sounds without any real success, or maybe you were too scared to find out what it really was.


Floorboards, the area between walls and the ceiling space can be the perfect hiding place for rats and mice to breed and multiply, quickly becoming a major problem. As they scurry through the hidden spaces of a home, their paws can cause all manner of sounds that are audible to the people living there, especially at night when the neighbourhood sounds are down to a minimum. If left unchecked, mice and rats can infest a home and destroy wiring and other materials. The vermin can also carry many diseases that can spread to members of your family or pets.

We use the sounds that rodents make with their movements through a home as an indication of an infestation. With the use of professional pest control, you are able to eliminate rodent problems that may reside in your home.


Common Starling, Sturnus vulgaris

Birds may also find shelter in a roof through openings on the outside of the house. This can also lead to sounds being heard as they come in and out of their nest. Spring and summer are peak times for nesting birds and their activity may be quite noticeable to residents of the home, even becoming a nuisance that may continue right through the day. With the many laws that help to protect indigenous birds and their nests, it is highly recommended that one seeks out professional pest control to remove nests that are interfering with your home. Bird-proofing is another option to avoid nesting problems before they happen. We can deal with a variety of bird species including but not limited to sparrows, pigeons and seagulls. We have successfully dealt with nesting problems in areas ranging from Manchester, Cheshire or Merseyside

Grey Squirrels

In some areas, grey squirrels pose a big problem to homeowners as they try to find shelter to have their young which eventually leads to significant property damage. The noise disturbance that squirrels create is noticeable and can easily become a nuisance to the residents of a house. Their high activity and social behaviour carry on through the day. Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside are among the areas that have to deal with grey squirrel infestations and we have successfully dealt with the problem on several occasions, often finding many generations of squirrels in one residence.


Bats can also become an issue for some people due to the smell of their droppings which can also be toxic for humans and pets. Along with the smell, bats can create a mess if left to reside in an area for a long time. Being a protected species, professional pest control should always be contacted in such situations. The safe removal of the nesting bats, as well as the prevention of future home invaders, can be handled quickly and effectively by the professional team.

As a client, you do not need to know in advance what the cause of the strange sounds you hear around the house is because we are equipped to deal with with a variety of unwanted visitors from harmless creatures to destructive and dangerous animals.