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Get Professional Pest Control to Eradicate Mice Infestation


House mouse, Mus domesticusAre mice making your life a living nightmare? If you are facing the challenge of mice infestation, then you are at the right place for a solution. We offer professional pest control, focusing not only on controlling but also preventing mice infestation for both domestic and commercial properties.

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Not only can we access professional rodenticides to deal with the problem, but we also have the right people with the right skills for the job.

We have full accreditation and training from Wildlife Aware of environment protection. Our qualified team can effectively deal with mice infestation whether at home, on your farm, in offices or in hotels. Our methods of mice control are safe and will not cause any adverse effect on pets, children, livestock, wildlife or the environment.

If not addressed, mice can cause a lot of damage to your health and to your property. This, in turn, can affect your health and business, leading to ill health, death, huge losses or even business closure. Should you notice any mice in your premises, get in touch with us before the problem gets out of hand. The best way to deal with this problem is to actually prevent it before it happens.

More about Mice

Mice are capable of eating up everything and anything that crosses their path. Their ever-growing sharp and long teeth are kept in check by their continued chewing. There are different breeds of mice in Manchester including the wood mouse characterized by its long tail and the house mouse. Some wood mice are also known to have yellow necks.

The most common house mouse is smaller in size and weight compared to its cousin, the long-tailed wood mouse. It also has smaller features like eyes and ears. Both breeds are commonly found indoors throughout the year and are capable of causing a lot of havoc and destruction as well as spreading diseases wherever they are found.

Mouse NestWhenever there is a mice infestation, disease and destruction rule. These nuisance rodents are capable of chewing through the hardest items including metals fitting in your home. they are also known to cause house fires due to the gnawing on electrical cables. Do not be surprised if you find leaking pipes cause by pipes that have been chewed up by mice. They are capable of crawling into electronic home gadgets and even vehicles, causing damage that can lead to major losses.

Diseases spread by mice can actually lead to fatalities, a good example being the Weil’s disease which can kill. Mice spread diseases through their faecal matter and urine, which can contaminate food and water. These rodents are also carriers of dangerous parasites and worms.

Do not let mice ruin your property and your health. Seek our professional pest control service should you suspect you have a mice infestation.