Professional Mole Trapping

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Mole in a molehillIf you require professional pest control to remove a mole infestation on your domestic, agricultural or commercial property, we are more than happy to help you deal with the problem.

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We have a great deal of experience in game-keeping, and our in-depth knowledge of mole behaviour, together with our specialist mole control qualifications, ensures that we can deal with your mole infestation problems wherever they may occur. We use a combination of traditional and modern methods to eradicate moles and molehills from your home or business premises.

Animal Welfare and Environmental Safety

It is essential that our methods are safe and legal and that no harm is caused to any children, animals, or the environment by the ways we use them.

Why Do We Need To Control Mole Infestation?

Mole moundMolehills cause damage to the stability of the ground, cause damage to machinery, spoil crops and even harm livestock. Moles live throughout the countryside and in hills, woods and gardens. They are challenging to get rid of, and often molehills reappear shortly after being removed. Moles cause significant and rapid destruction from autumn to early spring, especially in lawns and seeded fields where their holes can be dangerous in grazing paddocks and on playing fields where horses or playing children may fall in and hurt themselves. In addition, damage can be caused to machinery by the stones thrown up by their digging, and the dug soil itself can contaminate silage, infecting sheep and cattle with Listeriosis.

Calling professional pest control services is the solution to your mole infestation problem. We can help you to remove these pests from your property before the infestation gets out of hand.