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Looking for pest control in the borough of Tameside? Then look no further! Here at Young’s Pest Control, we are experts in all manner of pests from the ordinary to the unusual, and we cover all of Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside.

You can call us for advice if you think you have any pests living in or near your Tameside home or business. Been hearing strange noises?   Scratching sounds in the night?   Is skin itchy of a morning? Give us a call – we’ve heard it all before, and more importantly, know how to deal with these critters promptly!

Our main calls are for:

  • Rats & Mice
  • Fleas, bedbugs and other biting insects
  • Bees and Wasps

Rats and Mice

Obviously, the thought of sharing your space with uninvited rodents is not a pleasant one. The signs that they are near can be scratching sounds within walls, seeing droppings or an animal itself, strange oily marks on your walls. And let us tell you – if you’ve seen one then there are likely to be many more.

Fleas, Bedbugs and Other Biting Insects

Skin crawling at the thought? These visitors can literally give you sleepless nights! Bedbugs can come into your home if you’ve been in a hotel or B&B recently or can remain on mattresses and furniture that is in your home. Not easy to spot as they are so small, they do leave some tell-tale signs behind such as itchy red bumps on your skin, little red dots on your bedding and a strange almond smell if the infestation is sizeable.

Bees and Wasps

A seasonal pest, but due to our ever-changing weather wasps and bees can be seen from as early as March into October. They are of course an essential part of our ecology, but when they choose to make their nests in or around your home they can become a danger if you get too close and can also damage structures with the weight of their homes!

We deal with any pest you can imagine – and some you have probably never heard/thought of too.