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Holes in Curtains, Clothes and Carpets

If you have discovered telltale holes in your clothing or furnishings, you may be wondering what has caused them. You may be experiencing a pest problem. Often determining whether you have a pest infestation and, if you do, what kind of pest it might be can be challenging. Calling a professional pest control company is the solution before damage is caused to your home, health and business.


The Clothes Moth breeds in fabrics such as silk and wool; The moth larvae feed on soft, natural materials, resulting in threadbare carpets and holes in clothes and furnishings. The Brown House Moth larvae also cause damage to soft fabrics as well as fur and feathers. Although it is quite possible that you may not notice adult moths in your home, the only evidence may be the damage to your clothes and furniture.

Dealing With A Moth Infestation

Dealing with a moth infestation should be done sooner rather than later before the infestation gets out of hand and spreads out of control. Many moth species may infect your home, and correct identification by a professional pest control expert is vital to treat the problem correctly.

Beetle Infestations

Several species of beetle can cause damage to your clothes and furnishings. Hide Beetles, Fur Beetles and Carpet Beetles all make their homes in human dwellings and eat fur, feathers and other natural fibres. The adult beetles can be challenging to spot, so it is often just the damage caused by their larvae. However, with a well-established infestation, you may spot some live beetles in your home.

Rat and Mice Infestations

House mouse, Mus domesticusHoles in clothes, carpets and furnishings may be caused by vermin such as rats and mice. These animals will gnaw holes in anything and often cause considerable damage to fabrics. In addition, the smell of vermin urine may betray an infestation of rodents in your home, or you might spot evidence of vermin droppings.

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