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Stalybridge Grey Squirrel Control

When you think of pest control, grey squirrels aren't the first creatures that spring to mind. Unfortunately, despite their cute appearance grey squirrels can cause considerable damage to your property. Young's Pest Control is here to help with Stalybridge grey squirrel pest control.

Grey squirrels can commonly infiltrate places such as outbuildings, sheds and garages. The major problem, however, is when they take up residence in your home. Grey squirrels are excellent climbers and can take advantage of any high trees, telegraph poles or fences to reach rooftops. Once on a roof, it is a simple matter of finding a loose tile to gain access to enticingly warm and cosy loft or attic space. As these areas are usually only visited occasionally by owners, a grey squirrel infestation can go unnoticed for some considerable time. Signs that you may have a problem include:
Grey squirrel close up
- Finding small brown droppings.
- Noise from attics or lofts.
- Evidence of nesting material.

What damage can grey squirrels cause?

- Fire. Grey squirrels can soon strip electrical wires creating a fire hazard.
- Water damage. Chewing through water and waste pipes creating water damage.
- Structural damage. Grey squirrels will gnaw wood. Especially a problem if they get into wooden structures such a shed or log cabin.
- Ticks and fleas. May infest household pets.
- Urine and droppings can carry disease.
- Water contamination. Grey squirrels can drown in uncovered water tanks and contaminate the water supply.

Grey squirrel pestGrey squirrels can be vicious and Stalybridge grey squirrel control needs to be handled with expert care. Grey squirrels are naturally very territorial and may defend their nest by attacking anyone who approaches it. Stalybridge grey squirrel control is not just a case of sealing up access areas. It is important to ensure all grey squirrels are removed from the area before sealing up access, as if there are any young left inside, the parent squirrel can cause extensive damage in trying to return to them.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981, it is illegal to release any grey squirrel that has been captured back into the wild. Grey squirrels are vermin and need to be disposed of safely. It is clear to see why Stalybridge grey squirrel control is essential. Grey squirrel removal can be difficult and needs professional expertise. Call Young's Pest Control who will carry out a thorough examination of the problem, offer friendly advice and ensure your squirrel removal is carried out in a humane and legal manner.