Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Stalybridge BumbleBee Control Services

Bumble Bee on flowerBumblebees can be an unwelcome guest and there is a danger in having them build a nest around a property or garden. While they are not known for being aggressive when simply out foraging for food, this can change around a nest if they are disturbed. In this instance, they will more than likely defend their home against anyone that gets too close and the injuries their stings cause can make it a painful experience. To guard against this, Stalybridge bumble bee control is recommended and this is a job that Young’s Pest Control specialises in.

Common Nest Locations

If the activity of bumblebees at your property leads you to believe there is a nest close by, there are a variety of places to find these. Some species prefer dry, underground cavities and will use animal burrows, so look for small openings in lawns, flower beds, and open areas. Others prefer to nest above ground, with tree bumblebees, for example, getting their name from their habit of nesting in tree hollows. Other locations to look include under sheds, compost heaps, grassy thickets, and even bird boxes. However, take care and try to observe the entrance to a nest from a distance to avoid the chances of provoking an attack.

Stinging Capabilities

The stinger of a bumblebee does not have the barbs that are seen on a honey bee. This means that species from a common garden to tree bumblebees are capable of stinging multiple times, as the stinger does not rip off when used. This obviously increases the danger of being attacked and using a Stalybridge bumblebee control service is the safest option for ridding yourself of a nest.

BumbleBee Removal - What Young’s Pest Control Offers
Bumble Bee

Young’s is committed to offering a Stalybridge bumblebee removal service that is the best available. Some of our benefits include:

  • Fixed price cost with no hidden extras.
  • Same day service to quickly deal with a nest.
  • Trained professionals that understand how to safely remove a nest.
  • Easy online booking form and dedicated phone lines.

These benefits ensure that we can provide Stalybridge bumble bee control treatments that will effectively deal with a problem nest to completely remove it. The dangers of bumblebees are something that should not be lived with, so get in touch and find out how we can help.