Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Why You Need Stalybridge Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

Wasps are sometimes bothersome especially when they nest around your home, place of work or playground. Though they can be ignored when out of their nests, you may have to give them extra attention when they build their colony around your household. If you frequently spot them, then it could be an indicator that they have already built nearby. As a word of caution, do not try to remove the nest by yourself so as to avoid their sting. The situation could even be worse if you or anyone around the household is allergic to stings. Young’s Stalybridge wasp nest removal treatment can, therefore, be of advantage to you.

The Harm that may be caused by wasps

These insects pose a threat of diseases picked from dustbins, carcasses and bottle banks. It happens when they come from these places then settle on your food and contaminate it. A sting causes poisoning of the victim followed by redness and swelling. If the stings continue repeatedly, one may suffer from anaphylactic shock accompanied by facial swelling, abdominal pain, respiratory distress, and vomiting. Immediately this happens, the best thing to do would be to quickly seek medical help. Nevertheless, if you contact Young’s professionals for Stalybridge wasp nest removal treatment, you will have averted all these problems from happening.

What wasps look like

Wasps are small winged insects with stings on their tails. While flying, they make some distinct buzzing sound and when resting folds their two pairs of wings. You can easily distinguish them by their pointed waists and bodies or with their kidney-shaped eyes. There are however different species and some can be as long as 30mm.

Where are they found?
wasp nest removal

Wasp nests can be found on trees, earth banks, bushes and between wall cavities or roof spaces. They normally build their nests each year. During cold months, male wasps and workers are normally killed. Young queens are the only ones that survive through the cold to the next spring and build new nests. Our professional Stalybridge wasp control experts will, therefore, ensure that this cycle is broken.

The presence of a hornet nest should as well not be taken lightly. Their stings are really painful and if it is a swarm attack, then the consequences may be fatal. In order to avoid this from happening while removing the nest, let our Stalybridge wasp control perform the wasp removal safely by destroying the whole hornet nest and colony.