Flies Around Windows

Flies Around Windows and In The Attic

Dead fliesIf you are finding large numbers of flies around your windows or on your walls or ceilings it is possible that your property has a fly infestation. Controlling pests in your home can be difficult to call the experts. We cover Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside

If in doubt, call or drop us an email for expert pest control advice on how to identify fly problems and solve your problem.

Young’s Pest Control is available to help you to eradicate the problem once and for all. We can help you to identify the correct type of pest and ensure the correct method of removal is used to clear your home of pests for good. This is advisable rather than trying to remove the pests yourself which can prove very difficult.

Fly Control

Choosing the correct type of fly control is essential to prevent the problem from getting out of hand. A fly infestation can quickly develop into an unpleasant health hazard especially on food premises.

Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies, sometimes referred to as Attic Flies are found in large numbers in roof spaces, on walls and around window sills in the colder seasons of the year. Do not confuse them with blue bottles which you find only in the summer months around your windows or other summer flies such as house flies. Cluster Flies hibernate in roof spaces and in cracks around window sills during the autumn and winter.

What Do Cluster Flies Look Like?

There are several types of Cluster Fly which all look different. Some are large while others are small and they can be varying colours, sometimes yellow sometimes green. One variety is large and hairy. You will often find several different types of co-existing in your home but sometimes you will see just one variety in your property.

Cluster Fly Hibernation

dead fly isolatedAs their name suggests Cluster Flies gather in large clusters, often numbering in the thousands. A Cluster Fly infestation can be a perennial problem as the flies return every year to the same hibernation spot. If they are disturbed during their hibernation period they are clumsy and slow causing a nuisance by getting caught in hair, falling out of attics or windows, flying around lights and refusing to budge from the furniture.

Where Do Cluster Flies appear?

A Cluster Fly infestation can occur pretty much anywhere however the most common places include roofs and window areas.

It is important to call in professional pest control experts to eradicate Cluster Flies from food preparation areas to prevent contamination, especially if your business is a food serving establishment.

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