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Safe Bird Trapping

When faced with a bird problem, a specialised bird removal procedure must be carefully planned and executed. Using the services of a professional pest bird trappingcontrol company is the most appropriate course of action. Only then can you be sure that the method used will keep the bird's distress to a minimum level, avoid the public's attention, and comply with pest and bird control law. 

Bird trapping is a very effective solution for the short-term reduction of an unwanted bird population. Various designs can cope with capturing birds, for example, pigeons, and are an effective way to remove them.

Bird trapping offers a compassionate way of capturing one or more birds by using a solid and durable trap located in several different places. Depending on the type of bird to be trapped, they can be used in trees, on walls or the side of a building.

The traps are baited with food that will attract the particular species that is causing problems, and the experience of a professional will ensure the right spot is chosen for its location.

How the bird trapping process works

An expert pest control service will find the right site for the trap and position it for ease of access. A place where there is high activity but not overlooked by the general public is most suitable as many people may find trapped birds a little distressing. If pigeons are the problem, the trap will be baited with pigeon corn or some other food source, and the birds will be able to enter the web and feed freely for up to 7 days. This is done so that the bird feels safe, and when the trap is finally set, it will be able to capture a maximum number of birds.

There is a two-way door in the trap that will let the bird enter but prevent them from getting out. The web will contain food and water and visit the pest control experts once the trap is set. During this visit, any captured birds are removed and realeased. This method may seem a little drastic, but it is essential because re-locating them in another area will mean they are highly likely to return to the original nesting site. This would mean wasted effort and money both for the customer and the pest control company.

Trying to solve the problem yourself is not the correct course of action. Professional intervention is a sure-fire way to ensure the issue will be resolved quickly, efficiently and with minimal pain for the bird. Allowing the bird population to keep expanding is likely to cause damage to your property and put you and your family at risk of catching a nasty disease. Instead, take advantage of a qualified bird control service and stay on the right side of the law.