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Professional Stalybridge Mice Control

House mouse, Mus domesticusWhen that most common of domestic pests, the house mouse, enters a property the best course of action is to enlist the services of professional Stalybridge mice control to rid the premises of this nuisance. These pests cause destruction and spread diseases. Due to the prolific reproduction of mice, there should be no delay in utilizing professional Stalybridge mice control services. The longer a mice infestation is ignored, the more difficult it will be to resolve.

There are a variety of Stalybridge mice control techniques, all with advantages and disadvantages, and professional mouse removal operatives will use their expert judgement to choose the best possible method for each individual case.

Points of entry

Due to their size, body shape, and skeletal structure, mice can get into some tight spaces. If the head can get through an opening, the body will follow. A mouse can squeeze its way through a hole as narrow as a ball-point pen. Gaps in ceilings, doors and windows may all serve as points of entry to mice. Access holes for utility piping can also serve as entrances for mice, as can unseal drainage pipes.

Professional Stalybridge mice control does not just have to be about removing mice, it can involve preventative measures to stop future mouse infestation from occurring.

Mouse nests

Mouse NestOutdoors, mice will make nests in compost heaps, woodpiles, natural hollows and burrows. Moving indoors, mice will use loft spaces, wall cavities and gaps below floorboards as nesting spaces. In the wild, mice will line their nests with grass, leaves, and bark. Inside a building, fabric and paper make an ideal nesting material for mice. Any books, magazines, and clothes near the nest will be shredded and carried away for this purpose.

The more extensive the mouse infestation, the more difficult it will be to find all of the nests in a building. Professional Stalybridge mice control operators have the skills to locate mice nests.

Destructive gnawing

Electrical cables can be severed or removed of their insulation due to mice gnawing, causing electrical appliance failures, posing a fire risk and presenting an electrocution hazard. Gnawed gas lines result in gas leaks, which cause asphyxiation and explosions. Plumbing damaged by gnawing may cause flooding and water damage. Brick, cement, drywall, and wood is often defaced by gnawing.

The damage was done by gnawing and the fatal hazards it poses makes professional Stalybridge mice control an urgent necessity. Only professional mouse removal can ensure the elimination of mice infestation from a property.

Zoonotic diseases

The most common routes for zoonotic infection between mice and humans are urine, faeces and parasites. Zoonoses, or interspecies diseases, spread by mice urine and faeces include Hantavirus, Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis. Parasites transmitted from mice to humans include fleas, lice, mites, ticks and worms. Zoonoses spread from mice to humans via parasites include Lyme borreliosis, Murine typhus and Rickettsialpox.

Professional mouse removal treatment contains the risk of zoonotic infection but the expert technicians have the knowledge, experience and protective equipment to avoid contracting zoonoses.