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Professional Gatley Pest Control Treatments

A pest infestation is never pleasant, but how can you tell if you’ve got a problem with unwanted insects, birds or rodents nesting in your property? Clues such as inexplicable noises late at night, missing food, droppings or unusually large quantities of insects concentrated in one part of your home or garden can all be indications that a Gatley pest removal service is needed. Even if the issue hasn’t got particularly severe as yet, the rapid breeding habits of many well-known pests mean that matters can escalate rapidly if a Gatley pest removal service isn’t promptly involved. The matter won’t resolve itself, so getting professional assistance is crucial.

Know What You’re Up Against
honey bee removal
Many common household pests look very similar to beneficial creatures and without proper identification, it’s impossible to know whether you’re dealing with a harmless insect or a dangerous aggressor. This is particularly true for insects; a nest full of social bees represents a real hazard, whereas multiple small nests of harmless solitary bees are a boon for gardeners due to their pollinating work. Trained and experienced Gatley pest control personnel will be able to tell the difference between the two and recommend appropriate intervention.

Don’t Try and Eradicate The Problem Yourself
Leaving aside the aggressive behaviour which pests display when they think that their nest is under threat, without the right knowledge, equipment and skills accessing nests is hazardous. Pests frequently build their nests in awkward locations, typically high in trees, between underfloor pipes, in roofs or tucked away behind piles of logs or in wall cavities. Falls and slips are common amateur accidents, resulting in many injuries even before the nest requiring treatment is found. Once you consider the potential consequences of multiple bee stings or rat bites from angry pests, it makes sense to find a 24-hour response Gatley pest control team to take care of the matter.

24 Hour Service Available
Particularly if you’ve unexpectedly discovered a large colony of pests in your home (opened the loft to be confronted by a bees’ nest, for example) then you probably want Gatley pest control immediately. No one wants to sleep in a house full of bees! For this reason, a 24-hour service is on offer, allowing homeowners to get the eradication treatment they need fast. Using professional results in a quick, effective solution to your pest issue.