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Walkden Pest Control Treatments

If you have household pets then one particularly unpleasant insect you could be playing host to this summer is the flea. Cats and dogs pick up fleas whilst outside, often from long grass or by close contact with other infected animals. Not only do fleas cause irritating itching and skin problems, but once your pet has carried them into the house they can be dropped over soft furnishings and carpets, causing nasty bites to humans. Even if you use an appropriate treatment on your pet, fleas may still be anywhere your animal has been. If the thought of these insects make you itch, a quick call to a Walkden pest control service will ensure that the problem will be gone with a 24 hour period.

Rapid Control for Household Horrors
Even clean homes can be the subject of infestation from various unpleasant insects. Bed bugs, dust mites and cockroaches can all take up residence, causing untold misery to occupants. These tenacious and hardy creatures may arrive in second-hand furniture or crawl through a crack in masonry or boards to set up home with you. If you come across one or more of these pests, a quick call to a professional Walkden pest control agency will get the situation resolved quickly and discreetly. Unfortunately, cockroaches, in particular, are desperately difficult to get rid of, so DIY Walkden pest control is virtually useless in these cases.

Summer Brings A Rise in Creepy-Crawlies
Although numbers are typically low during the colder months, unfortunately, bees, wasps and hornets multiply rapidly as the thermometer rises, just when you want to spend more time in the garden. If there seem to be more insects around than usual and especially if they are concentrated in one part of the garden, get a professional Walkden pest control worker to take a look as there may be a nest nearby. Generally, bees are peaceful creatures but can get riled if they notice people approaching their nest, so caution is essential.

Birds Can Cause Considerable Damage
Seagulls, pigeons and similar opportunistic feeders can make a mess and be extremely troublesome. A Walkden pest control service not only provides a treatment which eradicates nuisance infestations, often within a 24-hour window, but experienced professionals can also install a variety of discreet measures to reduce the likelihood of wild birds landing or nesting on your premises. Why not give them a ring and see how they might help?