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Professional Gatley Mole Trapping Services

Mole, Talpa europaea, the infestation is a bothersome and irritating situation encountered by people in the possession of fields and gardens.

Mole in a molehillDetection of the Presence of Moles
The presence of moles can be detected through the appearance of mole hills, which are small raised piles of soil.

What do Moles Look Like?
Moles are cylindrical mammals, which are approximately 15 to 20 cm in length. Their bodies tend to be covered in fur that can range in colour from grey to black.

The Diet of Moles
These pests are carnivores who eat small invertebrate animals. Moles tend to reside within underground tunnels and tend to eat earthworms and insects. Moles have extremely large appetites because they will eat every four hours regardless of the time of day. Interestingly, the saliva of moles contains toxins which can paralyse their prey. As a result, moles are able to store their food and retrieve it at a later time.

Moles are extremely fast workers because they can dig through 14 metres of soil in a mere hour. Therefore, these pests are able to work at an extremely rapid rate, and Gatley mole control and Gatley mole trapping are of great importance.

The Impact of Moles
Full size moleThe presence of moles can affect the growth of various plants. Moles are able to affect the growth of plants because, during their tunnelling efforts, the roots of plants are disrupted and damaged such that normal growth cannot occur. As a result, moles can have a devastating outcome for hard-working people that are growing gardens and tending to their fields. Essentially, moles can have a significant financial impact on people that are relying on their gardens and fields for money.

Moles are able to carry fleas and ticks, which can easily be spread to pets and other items in homes.

Mole Pest Control
Gatley mole trapping and control are extremely important in controlling an infestation caused by moles. A professional pest control service can help people that need assistance with mole pest control. Young’s Pest Control can help people who have mole infestations in their fields and gardens ensure that these places are free of moles. The professionals from Young's Pest Control are easily able to determine the extent of the infestation, and safely and effectively remove moles. Call Young's Pest Control and get rid of moles!