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Why Professional Gatley Honey Bee Nest Removal is Advised

The European honey bee (Apis mellifera) pollinating of The Aster (Symphyotrichum dumosum).Some insects are of great medicinal and nutritional significance, and bees are among those that top the list. These insects (especially honey bees) supply man with honey and help in pollination. Therefore, you should understand what is at stake before any honey bee control attempt.

Honey is not the only reason why you should treat any bee colony with care; most species are facing extinction in the UK. The threat of extinction explains the reason why many agencies are trying to conserve bees in the region. Similarly, there are professional Gatley honey bee nest removal companies that help to ensure the safe transfer of beehives from homes to designated locations.

Honey bee control is therefore not an open for all practice that you can start on your own. If it’s not facing an attack, then you may be breaking a dozen bee conservation laws. This, therefore, means that you can only be safe in the hands of professional Gatley honey bee nest removal experts.

Authorized firms are the ones with the necessary training and equipment to carry out a honey bee swarm hive removal. They also know how to identify different types of bees and choose the right removal method to use. However, most homeowners know nothing about the bees except that they only make honey. This, therefore, limits their capacity to undertake honey bee swarm removal safely.

Types of bees

Macro shot of bees swarming on a honeycombBees are normally grouped into two broad categories i.e. social and solitary. Social bees derive their name from the way they live in colonies. That is different bees living together and working towards one objective. The colony comprises of a queen, sterile female workers, and reproductive males. Honey bees are in this category. This knowledge can help you call for the right honey bee swarm removal experts as different bees may need different removal techniques.

Solitary bees, on the other hand, live alone just as the name suggests. In most cases, the queen lays eggs, nurses the young and protects the nest. Since most of these bees don’t produce honey, Gatley honey bee nest removal may not be necessary.

When to call for help and who to call

You don't need to wait for anything once you have identified a hive in your home. Most importantly, don’t try to spray the bees or get involved in some DIY honey bee hive removal techniques as bees may get aggressive and attack back. All you need to do is call for Gatley honey bee nest removal services from Young’s Pest Control office for immediate and professional Gatley honey bee nest removal.