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Identifying the Need for Professional Gatley Ant Infestation Removal

Black antAn ant infestation in any form or extent is not a pretty experience. While ants can be the least lethal and infectious in the ranks of pests, they are not any less pleasant. Many of them sting, some are more painful than others and even the more harmless ones can get on your nerves when they try to use your arm as a passageway. However, their common occurrence in daily life can make us overlook the nasty prospect that an ant infestation in the house may be underway.


The primary reason that an ant infestation in the house occurs is that they have identified your home as a huge source of food. A cookie jar left open, a half-eaten bag of chips or leftover pet food is enough to last ants for scores of days. They will form their neat lines to glean scraps from your dining table or waste bin. If they get frequent access to food in your house, they will soon relocate indoors and a Gatley ant infestation removal service will need to be called in.


AntsThe most obvious sign of ant infestation, and consequently, a Gatley ant infestation removal treatment, is their presence within your building premises. In particular, this infestation usually includes wingless worker ants and winged mating ants. Worker ants are the food gatherers of the colony because they perpetually scout for food. Winged ants will fly in swarms to mate, signalling a flying ant infestation. Another sign of a flying ant infestation is frass, which is debris or excrement that looks like dirt or soil. Finding these inside the home or store should tell you that some form of Gatley ant infestation removal is in order.


The general effect of an ant invasion is the unpleasant surroundings the presence of ants creates. They damage your food stores, carve out holes in the foundation and become generally annoying with all the stinging and scurrying. In the food industry, ants are potential contaminants and are a threat to hygiene and sanitation which is bad for business. Ants especially mean trouble for homes with young children. In addition, some kinds of ants have more potent stings, and some can inflict damage on woodwork if left unchecked.

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The high degree of inconvenience and potential trouble that ants bring to human homes and buildings justify the need for effective Gatley ant infestation removal treatments. An ant control treatment should be conducted by a professional service like Young’s Pest Control to ensure that the methods and treatments are safe and reliable. Your family or business deserves that.