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Professional Gatley Flea Treatment

FleaThe most common parasite that attacks both cats and dogs is the flea. These pests are very small creatures that suck blood from their hosts. They are known for their squashed bodies and their ability to jump more than 30 cm in just one leap. Because of their swiftness and body shape, they can easily evade being seen by leaping or creeping through the dense fur of their host. A flea infestation can be an incredible bother to both pets and human beings. However, professional Gatley flea treatment methods have continually produced wonderful results in fighting flea influx. DIY Flea pesticides are a total waste of time and money.

The Cat Flea

The cat flea is a type of flea that is widely spread across the UK. They lay their eggs in the fur or bedding of their host. Their eggs are very tiny and contain an adhesive substance that attaches them on the fur or bedding of the host animal. These pests can remarkably reproduce if no proper Gatley flea treatment methods are implemented promptly. Just a single female flea can lay up to 1,000 eggs throughout its lifetime. Furthermore, cat bedding may harbour close to 2,000 adult fleas. Without professional flea removal, therefore, an infestation can easily be unstoppable within a very short period. Below are a few common facts about fleas and their reproduction habits.Cat and dog fleas

  • An adult flea can go for several weeks without feeding
  • Their 0.5 mm long eggs hatch within 2-3 days
  • Their larvae survive best in dark and humid regions
  • They can feed on other animals in the absence of their host
  • Flea larvae feed on organic rubble and adult flea excreta

Professional Flea Control Is Indispensable

Fleas are a great annoyance to both human being and pets. Generally, their bites are overly itchy and the bitten spots can remain swollen for a couple of weeks. Animals infested with fleas tend to scratch more often and may even harm their skin in the process leading to infections. At the same time, a significant percentage of both human beings and pets suffer allergic reactions when bitten by fleas. Their saliva can lead to the emergence of severely irritating rashes on the skin which can be equally aggravating. Gatley flea treatment is never a simple task that every homeowner can carry out. For total suppression of the pests, you need the services of flea removal experts who can make use of the latest pest control techniques such as flea fumigation.

Flea Fumigation

This Gatley flea treatment method involves the use of fumigants or gaseous pesticides in exterminating pests. Gaseous pesticides are released to suffocate and kill pests within a building. This process needs a lot of expertise that must only be offered by an expert. Nevertheless, it is an effective Gatley flea treatment method than traditional methods which never generates any good results.

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