Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Peace of Mind with Professional Gatley Wasp Nest Removal

A summer afternoon can easily be spoiled by the intrusion of wasps and if there is a nest close by it can be more than just irritating. A sting from one of these insects can prove painful, but if it happens near a colony a insecticide emitted by the stinging wasp can trigger others to attack also and make the situation much more serious. If a nest is near a property the risk of the occupants being stung is greatly increased and rather than live with this threat it is better to organise a Gatley wasp nest removal treatment.

Wasp Colonies

The social nature of many wasps can result in them living together in communities that contain thousands of individuals. There are a few different types such as common, hornet, and median although most exhibit similar life cycles. A nest will be started by a single queen in the spring and will grow in size throughout the following months until it comes to the end of its life in the autumn. It can be active for many months and as it becomes larger the number of insects in it will increase to make it all the more dangerous.

Removing a Nest

wasp-nest-removal-300x199A Gatley wasp nest removal treatment is not something that just anyone should attempt. One wrong move can cause the colony to defend its home and a swarm of angry wasps is something to be avoided. Our Gatley wasp control experts are trained in dealing with these insects and understand how to safely approach, subdue the inhabitants, and remove a nest so that it is no longer a threat. For the danger that it poses, a wasp or hornet nest should be dealt with by an expert.

Wasp Removal - Our Services

We understand the concerns that residential and commercial customers may have about a nest in the vicinity of their property and for this reason, we offer a same day service for Gatley wasp control. This means you can phone us today on the numbers shown above and have us visit to give you the peace of mind that a nest is gone for good.