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Professional Worsley Pest Control Treatments

Do you know if you’ve got an infestation in your home? Although many people quickly discover when unwelcome rodents or insects have set up home in their property, pests are masters of secrecy and can build nests in obscure corners, in rafters, wall cavities and under floors which makes detecting them extremely difficult. Naturally nocturnal, it may be many weeks before you realise that you are sharing your home with bed bugs, mice or other nasty pests. If you suspect you may have a pest on the premises, don’t attempt to investigate; get a Worsley pest control professional to assess the situation.

Pest Treatment Varies
Don’t assume that just because you’ve found a concentration of insects, that immediate extermination is required. Often harmless wildlife looks very similar to dangerous pests, so if you don’t know what you’re doing you can end up killing creatures which perform essential functions in the garden or local environment, rather than dangerous pests. A social bees’ nest, for example, can be a very unpleasant thing to have near your home, whereas a number of solitary bees’ nests provide a haven for these peaceful little pollinators to go about their valuable work. Use a 24 hour Worsley pest removal service to quickly identify the species and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Brown RatMajor Damage to Your Home
No one likes the idea of rats in their home, mainly because they are associated with the spread of disease. Something which presents an even bigger danger than their dirty habits is their ability to chew through virtually anything, including electrical wiring, piping, insulation and wooden structural work. Whilst an RSJ is thankfully beyond their gnawing capabilities, given time and left undisturbed rats can damage your home in ways which cost thousands to repair and leave you open to the dangers of electrical fires, internal wall collapse and other hazards. If you suspect for any reason that rats are in residence, a 24 hour Worsley pest removal service is vital to perform effective rodent control is absolutely imperative.

Stay Away From Nests
A threat to young brings out the aggressive, protective streak in any pest, causing them to attack anyone that comes near their home. If you think you may have an insect nest, rodent colony or other unpleasant species breeding in or around your property, the wisest course is to stay away and get professional Worsley pest control promptly.