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Boothstown Pest Control 

No matter how neat, modern and clean we make our surroundings, pests will always find their way into Boothstown Pest Controlyour homes. Once you notice their presence in your homes, be certain that they will pose a serious hazard to your property, health, well-being and sanity. 

The only convenient cure to your pest problem will be our company's professional intervention; Young's pest control. We offer Boothstown pest control services and our highly trained professionals can offer immediate treatments with safe results. 

At Young's Pest Control, we provide 24-hour pest treatment for both residential and commercial institutions and our personnel deal with these stubborn pests in the most secure, safe and permanent way. Below are some of the services you will be able to access by hiring our professional pest control services. 

Pest management services we provide at Young's Pest Control 

Our company offers a wide range of pest control services for different types of pests depending on your pest problem. 

  • Ant infection removal (ant control) 
  • Mice & rat control: We offer mice & rat control services because we understand that it is necessary considering the amount of damage they can cause on property. 
  • Grey squirrel control (squirrel removal) 
  • flea treatment (flea infestation) 
  • Honey bee nest removal (honey bee hive removal, swarm collection) 
  • Wasp nest removal treatment: If you have wasps taking shelter in your home, don't hesitate to call our professionals. This is because it will be crucial to do a wasp nest removal treatment keeping in mind the irritation allergies caused by wasp bites. 
  • Bumblebee nest removal 
  • Bedbugs (bedbug control)

Negative impacts of pests 

  1. Health effects 

Pests pose a health hazard to people's health. They act as carriers for allergens that irritate people that have acute medical conditions. Pests' faeces and the skin they shed can become airborne. This acts as contamination of the air we breathe. 

Pests also carry bacteria on their bodies. Popular household pests such as cockroaches and rats carry Boothstown mice & rat controlinfectious diseases. It would help if you exterminated them immediately before they take over your home, especially cockroaches because they can slip through cracks in the walls. By doing this, they bring bacteria and salmonella with them. Salmonella can be found on rodents' bodies as well. They leave a lot of contamination on any surfaces they walk on. 

  1. Food sources compromised 

Besides pests affecting people's health, they can also compromise your food, especially through the airborne bacteria that they spread. Food crops are also not left behind by the onslaught of pests such as locusts. 

In the field of agriculture, pests can have a devastating effect on agriculture and the economy at large. Large swarms of pests can lay to waste planting worth of a whole season. This can result in huge financial losses. 

Diseases caused by pests 

Pests such as fleas, lice and bedbugs can transmit several diseases. 

  1. Flies 

Flies such as horse flies transmit loa filariasis. Black Boothstown fly controlflies transmit onchocerciasis. Tsetse flies cause sleeping sickness. Sandflies cause leishmaniasis. Most of these flies bites are not usually felt. 

  1. Bed bugs 

Boothstown Bedbugs treatmentBed bugs cause Chagas disease and most of them live in walls, especially in dump houses and they become active at night. 


Importance of hiring Young's Pest Control 

  • Elimination of pests is guaranteed: Our company takes pride in our professional staff. You will rest assured of the best quality services as our personnel has enough skills and equipment to deal with pests. 
  • Safe products: Most people try to do these services on their own. This means they have a high chance of causing harm to themselves. At our company, we use safe products that are quality and eco-friendly. 
  • We provide 24-hour services all around Boothstown. 
  • We offer commercial, domestic and agricultural services. 
  • Our staff uses discreet unmarked vans for our client's privacy needs. 
  • All our staff are highly trained. 
  • We treat a wide range of pests.