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Professional Irlam Pest Control Services

Pest species are a nuisance around the home, but they can also be a very real danger to people and pets, and removing them can be difficult and dangerous as well. The 24-hour service available from Young's Pest Control can make the difference between a hazardous and troublesome job that may not even work, and the safe and effective eradication of the pest. Their 24 hour Irlam pest control service is professional, discrete and remarkably affordable.

Brown RatHaving mice, wasps or other wildlife take up residence in the home is more than just a nuisance. Many pest species are disease vectors and can transmit the disease to pets, children and adults, or infect people and animals with parasites. Cats with fleas, for example, often contract tapeworms, which can be transmitted to humans. Some pests can trigger allergies or asthma attacks in those who are susceptible, such as the anaphylactic shock experienced by people with allergies to bee or wasp venom when they are stung, or the effect of feathers and droppings on those with respiratory disease.

Many pests are dangerous as a result of injuries they cause directly. Ants can bite and leave welts, and bees leave their stinger embedded in their victims, pumping venom even after the insect dies. Wasps and hornets are particularly aggressive among the stinging insects, as they are able to sting multiple times without dying. Wasps are territorial and guard their nests against anything they think might be a threat, such as passersby and children playing.
Other, larger animals can cause damage through scratching and biting when they feel cornered and try to defend themselves. Foxes, badgers and even birds and squirrels can accidentally get into the house or build a home in the garden and may attack if threatened, especially if they have young. Humane wildlife removal may be needed.

There is also a risk from trying to apply an Irlam pest control treatment without having the proper equipment, experience or knowledge to do so. Many pesticides are toxic and easy to over-apply, and using a treatment may mean climbing into unsafe spaces. The technicians who provide a professional Irlam pest control service are trained and benefit from a depth of experience and knowledge that allows them the correctly identify and manage pests. They also come equipped with the best gear, protective clothing and supplies needed to eradicate pests, allowing them to do the job safely and effectively.