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Expert Worsley Rat Control

ratWorsley rat control is a serious task requiring skills, experience and expert techniques. So, in order to get rid of rats, it is best to hire professionals.

Rats are ubiquitous. A rat infestation can be found in all types of human environments -rural and urban areas, commercial and residential buildings. They do live in natural habitats but are constantly seeking out shelter, reliable source of food and warm conditions, and human environments satisfy most of these needs perfectly. Rats get access to human dwellings relatively easily. Rats' bodies have evolved to allow movement in tunnels and burrows, and they can, therefore, squeeze effortlessly through tiny holes and openings in the buildings. Once inside, they quickly establish their colony, feeding mostly at night and remaining generally hidden in their nests during the day.

They can take up residence in a huge variety of places:
• Basements, laundry rooms, around floor vents
• Inside and under kitchen cabinets and refrigerators
• Attics
• Food storage rooms, such as larders

In the absence of pest control treatment and with reliable food supply they breed steadily and increase quickly in number.

Worsley rat infestation problems:
• Health hazards
Brown RatAlthough thankfully we are far from the times of the bubonic plague, rats are still a source of infections and illnesses that can cause significant health problems to people. They transmit diseases directly through their faeces, urine, hairs and saliva, and in addition carry parasites which can be extremely harmful to humans and household pets. They contaminate any food they come into contact with. Their presence within any human habitation invariably creates a noisy, malodorous, grimy and unhealthy environment and poses a health risk.
• Household hazards and damage to property
Rats' behaviour is highly destructive to the property they choose to invade. Led by a powerful, instinctive need to chew, they nibble incessantly on a huge variety of materials - plastic, wood, insulation, cables, pipes, wires, including electrical wires and PVC plumbing, thus creating a real hazard of fires or water leaks.

If you are confronted with evidence of rats’ colony on your property do not attempt to tackle the infestation on your own - this usually results in stress and disappointment, with only fractional results.

The only successful way to get rid of rats completely is to recruit the services of specialist Worsley rat control technicians. They possess the relevant experience, skills and equipment to apply pest control treatment and deal with the situation competently and safely.