Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Worsley Bumblebee Nest Removal

Tree Bumble Bee

Beekeepers and pest control companies are seeing an increase in the number of calls about bumblebees. Part of the reason for this is the increasing numbers of tree bumblebees, a distinctive looking European species that has only recently started spreading in the UK, and which likes to nest in and around homes and other structures that people use. Whether the problem is tree bumblebees or some other native species, the best way to deal with troublesome bumblebee nests is to call in professionals with experience in bumblebee control. Although relocating or treating a nest might seem straightforward, anyone who has ever been stung by a bee or watched someone experience the severe allergic reaction that can follow a sting knows that putting safety first and leaving the job to the professionals is the best way to go.

Professionals like Young's Pest Control have experience with bumblebee control and calling them in is a good idea for a variety of reasons:

- Bee stings are painful and can trigger serious allergies in susceptible individuals. Instead of risking a medical emergency if someone in the family is stung, leave the job up to the bee control experts, who have the right personal protective equipment and safety procedures to avoid being stung.

Bumble Bee

- If the bees are nesting inside the walls or vents of a home or other building, there is a good chance they are tree bumblebees. This species is more aggressive than other bumblebees, patrolling the hive and swarming out to attack whatever they think is a threat if the nest is disturbed even a little bit. When dealing with these more dangerous bees, it is even more important to leave the task to someone with bumblebee removal experience.

- Bumblebee Nest Removal in Worsley can involve the use of spray on pesticides, which can have irritating fumes and cause accidental environmental contamination or poisoning if not used properly. Pest control experts have training in the safe handling and use of insecticides.

- Young's Pest Control, in particular, offers competitive rates for Bumblebee Nest Removal services, and with 24-hour availability and 1-hour emergency service options, their helpful pest control technicians can show up promptly any time to tackle a bee problem. Their expertise and experience guarantee that the job is done right and done thoroughly enough that it won't come back.