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Mole in a molehillYoung's is a well established, local business that prides itself on the excellent services it offers. Young's employees are highly trained with excellent customer service skills. If you have a pest issue then Young's can immediately respond and tackle the problem as quickly and as safely as possible. Don't let moles destroy all you have worked hard for, let Young's deal with the problem using the latest techniques and equipment.

Young's pest control services

Most pests typically found in the UK can be managed by Young's. Whether it is something larger such as moles or rabbits, or if it is something much smaller, such as bed bugs, then Young's will be able to help. Worsley mole trapping and control is Young's speciality and has expert staff on hand to respond to your problem. Young’s will be able to tackle all your pest control needs.

Young's Worsley Mole Trapping Services

European garden moles can quickly cause a lot of damage. Moles are astonishing creatures and quickly build a network of underground tunnels, progressing at a speed of 4 metres every hour. Moles complex tunnel systems lead to a devastating amount of damage to flower beds, lawns, greens as well as sports grounds.

Many people have never actually seen a mole, but are all too familiar with the devastation they leave behind, including large heaps of earth on your lawn. Moles have particularly poor eyesight and a poor sense of smell leading them to feel for their food. Moles feed on earthworms which are abundantly found in nutrient-rich soil. This split type is found in gardens that have an abundance of plants. Therefore, the better kept your garden is, then the more likely moles are to invade.

Full size moleOne of Young's specialist areas is Worsley mole trapping. Young's has expert staff that are able to deal with your mole problem as quickly and as safely as possible. Moles can quickly cause more and more damage in a very short space of time, so the sooner you seek specialist help, then the better the outcome will be. Do it yourself Worsley mole trapping and control is extremely difficult and not usually effective.

Customer Service you can rely on

Young's prides itself on its commitment to excellent customer service. Before any Worsley mole trapping and control or other work is carried out, one of Young's experts will form a detailed mole control plan of all the customers' needs. Young's is a pest control business you can trust.