Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Worsley Wasp Nest Removal - Don't Get Stung!

wasp-150x150Whether it's a family event such as a family barbecue, or a commercial situation, wasps or hornets can spoil a pleasant summer's day for everyone or disrupt even the most ambitious commercial enterprise.

Fortunately, Worsley wasp removal is just a phone call away.

Our Worsley wasp nest removal treatment eradicates wasp and hornet nests fast and at prices that won't sting!

Wasps build their nests either underground or in cool dark spaces not easily identified until they become active. They also build nests in trees, nest boxes, rafters, dormer windows, shrubs and even holes in walls making them difficult to track down.

Things to watch out for.
* Food acts as a magnet to wasps and hornets and if they swarm around the food they could put your family, guests, clients or employees at risk.
* Worsley Wasp control by a professional operator is essential as both wasp and hornets can become very aggressive when they are disturbed or they sense the nest is under attack.
*Their sting can even penetrate normal summer clothing and deliver multiple stings which can cause anything from welts and temporary pain to more serious allergic reactions that may require hospital treatment.
* Removing a nest is a tricky and dangerous business requiring experienced, professional operatives with the correct armory of Worsley wasp nest removal treatments and specialist knowledge.
* Worsley Wasp nest removal treatment can be achieved in a few hours using a spray or a specially formulated dust which poisons the inside of the nest and leaves a poisonous residue which will prevent the return of any wasps.

Our Worsley wasp control treatment is effective on all wasp and hornet nest types the most common and easiest to recognize wasp species are the Yellow Jackets and they, like most colonies, only remain active for a year. Prior to the colony dying off in the autumn the queen will fly off to establish a new colony elsewhere. This is why it is important to apply Worsley wasp control immediately that wasp activity is spotted. Act too late and the problem may rear its head again next year.

Our pest control service operates twenty-four hours a day throughout the year.  Don't take chances, call in the experts. It only takes a phone call and you can have complete peace of mind.