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Professional Royton Pest Control Treatments

Come summer, and marching ants, buzzing bees, and swarms of midges take over most houses, gardens, and even offices. Preventing their entry is next to impossible, as they breed owing to the local climate and geographical conditions, and they can enter homes and offices even from the tiniest of openings, or even by piggybacking on humans themselves. Many pests even build their nests inside homes and gardens, in inaccessible and hidden places, to multiple from within.

wasp nest removalCommon type of Pests:

Here is a run-down on some of the common type of pests that frequent homes and offices in the U.K.

Wasps and hornets: These pests leave a painful sting when they feel threatened, and such stings cause itching, swelling, and at times, even allergic reactions.
• Bees: There are several different types of bees, and many of them leave painful stings. They can attack humans even without being provoked.
• Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are a common type of pest, which a big nuisance value. Their bites cause itching and swelling.
• Horseflies: Horseflies are a larger and hairy version of mosquitoes. Its bite is also more potent, casing extreme pain.
Ants: The common ant, which mostly come in red, wood, and flying ant variants, bite and leave a pale pink mark.
• Midges: Damp and cloudy summer days cause midges to emerge out of their woodwork. Its bites cause intense pain, itching, and swelling.
• Bedbugs: Bedbugs, characterised by tiny black spots in the bed, are growing at an alarming rate in the U.K. Its bite cause itchy red bumps, and at times, serious serious skin reaction with blisters.
• Spiders: The many variety of spiders that abounds in the U.K. give a nasty nip when they feel threatened.

How to Prevent These Pests

It is foolhardy to try and take countermeasures against these pests by oneself. The odds are that the treatment will fail, as one would have inadequate knowledge of their hiding places, or know-about about the right pesticide for the specific sub-spices that dominate the home, garden, or office.

A professional Royton pest control service does a more thorough job. Opt for a Royton pest control agency with the following characteristics:

• A local Royton pest control branch office to have know-how about the mating and nesting habits of local species in the region.
• Offering free consultation to explain the methods and a free quote.
• Guaranteed service, with money back, or repeat procedure, if the first treatment does not work for any reason.
• Membership in professional bodies such as National Pest Technician Association, Royal Society for Public Health, and others.
• 24 hour service to cater to emergencies.
• Full insurance to cover for damages during the treatment

Call our Royton pest control service with 24 hour support, on the first signs of pests.