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Professional Royton Mice Control

House mouse, Mus domesticusThe house mouse (Mus musculus) is one of the most common rodent pests in human settlements, a major cause of property damage and a vector of disease.

Mice are attracted to human residences by the abundance of food in storage, providing a better source of nourishment that is available elsewhere. Buildings also offer warmth and shelter from the elements to mice.

Humans do not benefit from having wild mice living in their midst, due to the destruction these rodents cause and the diseases they can spread. Mouse infestation of human properties necessitates professional Royton mice control treatment.

Mice damage property and turn residences into deathtraps

The continuous growth, or eruption, of mouse incisors, means they need to gnaw on abrasive surfaces to wear them down. Mice cause physical damage to property by gnawing on electrical wiring, gas pipes, water pipes, brick, cement, stone and wood. Chewed wires pose the risk of electrical fires and electrocution and may be the cause of electrical appliance failures. Damaged gas and water piping through gnawing can result in water damage and gas leaks, presenting the risk of asphyxiation and explosion.

The presence of mice amongst humans poses the risk of interspecies disease transmission or zoonosis, and cross-transference of parasites. Parasites that transfer from mice to humans can transmit disease from their original hosts to the new ones. Murine typhus and Rickettsialpox, caused by Rickettsia Typhi and Rickettsia Akari bacteria, are spread from mice to humans by fleas and mites. Aside from interspecies parasitism, mouse urine and feces are the most common modes of infection between mice and humans. Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis, caused by Salmonella and Leptospira bacteria, are spread by mouse droppings and urine. Mouse droppings are also a common route of endoparasitic roundworm and flatworm infection in humans.

Professional Royton mice control is necessary to guard against property damage caused by a mice infestation and the fatal hazards arising from gas leaks and exposed electrical wires. Professional Royton mice control treatment is also essential to neutralize the health risks posed by mouse-borne zoonoses and parasites.

Call in the professionals

Mouse NestThere are many advantages to hiring professional Royton mice control services over do-it-yourself methods. Amateurish DIY mouse control methods are unlikely to resolve the mouse problem or prevent future infestations. Furthermore, non-professionals face a higher risk of infection from mouse zoonoses than expert practitioners.

Inspection of the infested premises is an important element of professional Royton mice control, to determine the extent of mice infestation and locate the whereabouts of mouse nests. Once the intelligence is gathered, the mouse removal technicians can decide on the best method to rid the property of its mice problem.

After the mice are gone, measures ought to be taken to stop them returning and professional Royton mice control can include the prevention of future incidents. Preventative mouse control measures involve ascertaining what attracted the rodents in the first place and identifying possible points of entry for mice into the residence