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Professional Royton Flea Treatment

FleaThere are hundreds of different species of flea, but the one that causes us the most problems is the cat flea. Despite their name, they are a versatile and widespread species that can thrive in many different hosts. This ability to feed on different hosts makes flea control a challenge. It can be hard to identify the source of a flea infestation when there are numerous possibilities.

A good method to identify whether there is a problem is with a flea comb. The narrow teeth will trap the fleas and eggs, and you will be able to get a visual identification of them. Royton flea treatment, on the other hand, isn't so easy. The flea is a resilient creature with prolific breeding habits. A single female can lay 2000 eggs in their life. They can avoid danger with a mighty leap, and easily travel from host to host.

The main issue with a flea infestation is the physical discomfort and itching. A single animal can provide sustenance for a large number of fleas, and the combined irritation of all of their bites can be distressing. Royton flea treatment will remove the discomfort and help avoid the risk of more serious conditions developing. Over a period of time, a host can develop anemia due to blood loss. This is serious and will affect the all-round health and condition of the victim.

Cat and dog fleasFleas also cause other health problems. Cats can contract Feline Infectious Anemia from flea bites. This is a potentially lethal blood condition. Tapeworms can also be spread by fleas. They may not be lethal but they will cause discomfort and health problems. Cat scratch fever is a condition that can affect humans. Itching and irritation can develop into dermatitis and other more severe skin problems. There are many reasons why Royton flea treatment is a must.

Royton flea treatment is difficult and self-treatment is inadvisable. Young's pest control has the experience and knowledge to tackle flea fumigation and flea removal effectively. People will often administer treatment and observe a marked improvement in the condition. However, fleas will infest a house, hiding in soft furnishings and cracks. A flea can lay dormant, going for up to 100 days without feeding. Just when you think the problem has gone away, it will come back with a vengeance. Flea fumigation provides a complete solution to the problem, totally removing the pests from the environment and reducing the risk of re-infestation.

A flea infestation can be an embarrassment. Through no fault of your own, your pets and family could be suffering from itchy, irritated flea-bites. Young's are sensitive to the social stigmas that go hand-in-hand with an infestation and will do our utmost to handle the case discretely and with minimal fuss. A common misconception is that an infestation is more likely in dirty conditions. This isn't the case though. Fleas are resourceful, and they won't turn down a meal-ticket. They are more than happy to feed on any suitable host, and in any appropriate environment.