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Royton Honey Bee Nest Removal

A Pest With Benefits...But A Pest Nonetheless!

Honey bee on pink flowerIf you're thinking about putting honey bee control into practice, you may be tempted to hold off based on what you have heard about them.

Whilst it is true that honey bees do create nectar, and encourage cross-pollination of plants, the misery and suffering that they can cause shouldn't be ignored. For someone who has had to have Royton honey bee nest removal conducted in their house, there is no escaping the problems that a hive can bring.

About Honey Bees

As their name suggests, this particular breed of bee is primarily concerned with making honey and ignoring humans or animals. Therefore, it's easy to see why some people would question how a honey bee can be called a pest. However, as anyone who has had to have a Royton honey bee nest removal from their garden, or who has worked in honey bee control will advise, they will not hesitate to attack if they feel that their nest is under threat.

Because of this, it is unfortunate but often absolutely necessary to carry out Royton honey bee nest removal despite their innocent nature and the essential processes that they help support.

How To Spot A Honey Bee Hive or Swarm

Honey Bee swarm in treeThere are some very obvious signs of a honey bee problem.

  • A small number of bees crowding around trees, building eaves or internal walls (this is known as a swarm, and is the bees' way of finding a new location for a nest)
  • Large numbers of bees 'coming and going' from one location

Due to the bees' very obvious habits, it is only the visible behaviour of the bees that will be the first sign of a problem. If you see only a small number of honey bees, you may still require a honey bee swarm removal from an expert company.

Young's Pest Control will be able to assess the nature of the infestation, access the swarm or hive, and deal with it in a way which minimises the impact on nature, yet still ensures a safe and effective Royton honey bee nest removal.

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt even a small honey bee swarm removal yourself; aside from the very real possibility of being stung by large numbers of bees, the nest or swarm may be in a hard to reach the place, making the removal attempt dangerous.

Call Young's; we can deal with the problem safely, responsibly and successfully.