Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Royton BumbleBee Control Services

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

Pest control experts and beekeepers associations have been noticing an upswing in the number of complaints they receive about bumblebees. Indeed, with the introduction of the European tree bumblebee, more and more people are discovering an inconvenient nest around the house that needs to be removed. Fortunately, thanks to affordable rates and all-day service like that offered by Young's Pest Control, Royton bumblebee control has never been easier or safer.

Tree BumbleBees

Tree bumblebees are a troublesome species of bee from mainland Europe, which likes to nest in and around human-made structures and is extremely sensitive to vibrations which might disturb the hive. These two traits combine with their more aggressive disposition to make it very likely that they will cause a problem - either they will become a safety hazard by stinging and possibly provoking serious allergic reactions or by nesting in vents and becoming a fire hazard, or they will become a nuisance by setting up home in an attic and buzzing all night or taking over the bird box in the garden.

Royton BumbleBee Control

Although tree bumblebees are causing more problems, any species of bumblebee that nests in the wrong place can become a pest that needs to be dealt with promptly and thoroughly. Leaving a nest alone might seem like a good plan in the short term, but in the long term will only make Royton bumblebee control more difficult and dangerous. Similarly, tackling the problem using a do-it-yourself technique from the Internet might seem like a good idea, but for people, without pest control or beekeeping experience, Royton bumblebee removal is difficult and dangerous.


Bumble Bee Bumble Bee

Professional pest control services like Young's offer Royton bumblebee control services as part of their wide range of pest control techniques and their staff have the right personal protective equipment and training to either relocate or destroy a troublesome bee nest safely and thoroughly.

Many people are injured attempting pest control at home without help from experts - whether it is a painful sting, a serious allergy requiring medical intervention, a fall from a ladder or tree while trying to reach the nest or irritation or accidental poisoning from applying an insecticide bee control treatment. These injuries can be serious and are easily avoided by leaving the job to people with the skill and training to do it safely, like the staff at Young's.