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Professional Royton Cockroach Control

German CockroachCockroaches are among the most common household pests. There are over 4600 species of cockroaches in the world although only 30 species identify with human dwelling. Not all cockroaches are pests to human beings, however. The four commonly known cockroach pest species are :

  • the American cockroach
  • the German cockroach
  • the Asian cockroach
  • the Oriental cockroach

Cockroaches generally measure about 2 inches or 50 centimetres in length with tropical species typically being the largest. Cockroaches are insects which means they have six legs, a pair of antennae, compound eyes and some have wings. Nevertheless, not all winged cockroaches can fly. Cockroaches give off unpleasant smells and some like the Madagascar hissing cockroach can produce some sound.

The first step in understanding the need for Royton cockroach control is grasping why these nasty creatures are referred to as pests. Being household pests they usually feed on human food as well as pet food. Although passively, cockroaches are carriers of various harmful microbes that cause diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, gastroenteritis and poliomyelitis. They may also trigger allergic reactions in humans.
Cockroaches prefer warmer climates and are mostly nocturnal. They can be found hiding in crevices in several places within the house.

Common signs of cockroach infestation

  • As earlier stated, cockroaches emit an offensive and polluting odour
  • They produce black or brown cylindrical excreta
  • Cockroaches shed skins as they mature to adults. These can be found near their hiding places
  • Check for brown sporadic smear marks on walls

Dead cockroachesYoung's Pest Control is dedicated to providing professional cockroach treatment and Royton cockroach control services to your home because as we have seen these harmful creatures can be very unpleasant to have around and they can be difficult to deal with on your own. So as you think about whether or not you may need cockroach treatment in your household here are crucial facts you must know about cockroaches:

  • Cockroaches can enter your home through many different ways from outside.
  • Your home is the best breeding ground for cockroaches.
  • Cockroaches reproduce very fast so for each cockroach that you see there may be countless others still in hiding.
  • Cockroaches are very evasive. They typically run away from light.
  • Without special treatment techniques and devices, Royton cockroach control is a losing battle given their hardiness and survival ability.