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Put Your Moles Under Arrest with Professional Royton Mole Trapping

Identifying the Mole
Full size moleBroad, with spade-like limbs this small mammal is well adapted to an underground garden environment. Its cylindrical body has a highly attuned pink snout (like a pig but moles don't oink) that enable it to get information on its surroundings - it is very blind so this sense if a primary one. Its tail is normally 2 to 3 centimetres long and is held in an upright position. They have either a black or silver coat which is perfectly smooth.

The Charges
A mole's diet is made up almost entirely of the earthworm and the grubs and larvae of flies and beetles. This might make it seem that they are not a pest. But here at Young's Pest Control services, we understand the implication moles can have on your garden. Their poor metabolism means that they have to eat as much as the equivalent of their body weight every day. What this means is they are damaging the very garden you spent time and love growing - between the tunnels that can collapse your lawn to the eradication by moles of earthworms which help aerate the soil.

Damages and Mischief
Mole moundThis is why it is very important that you call in Young's Pest Control Services so that we can employ our mole trapping service and give your garden a fighting chance. Moles can cause a tremendous amount of damage to young plants as they burrow through the soil. As they dig their way through they may well be damaging the roots of your prized flowers and vegetables. This is why Royton mole trapping and control is recommended to keep them from running amuck in your garden.

Moles, natural vandals, can make your beautiful lawn and flower beds look like a disaster, as they burrow just underneath the surface they leave unsightly furrows that zigzag their way through your garden or field. Royton mole trapping and control is the best defence against damage of this kind.

The Verdict:
Moles are a pest that causes damage to farmers, horticulturists and amateurs alike, therefore, they are found guilty on all counts. They are found to be a menace to the agriculture industry and homeowner.

The Sentence
Moles are hereby sentenced to be removed from your land by the professional staff of Young's Pest Control Services. They have the skills and experience to carry out the needed mole pest control via their Royton mole trapping and mole control services.