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Professional Shaw Pest Control Treatments

Rodents such as rats, mice, squirrels, mole, rabbit, fox, and others are very common in the U.K. and constitute a major category of pests. There are about around 40-50 million rats in Manchester alone, and their population is increasing by a whopping 30 per cent. It is important to remove these pests using a professional agency offering 24-hour service as soon as one sights the presence of these pests.

Damages Caused by Rodents

Rodents cause major damage to humans and their property.

• Rodents such as rats are the primary cause for many serious diseases and infections, such as Rat-bite Fever, Typhoid, Weil's Disease, dysentery, foot and mouth disease, Scrub Typhus, Murine typhus, Salmonella spp, Lymphatic meningitis, plague, and more.
• Rodents such as rats keep gnawing and as such chew anything from power cables to the wood. This may cause damage to furniture and doors, structural damage to buildings, major fire disruptions, and even fire hazards, from broken power cables.
• Squirrels can get into electrical equipment, causing a power surge or short circuit, to destroy heating equipment, air conditioning systems, and other appliances.
• Rabbits can wreck gardens by gnawing away flowers, shrubs, and trees. Their burrows cause injury risks to humans as well, and can even weaken the foundation of sheds and other structures.
• Fox can kill pets and cause other damage as well.
• Many rodents such as rats can scratch or bite humans, causing intense pain and infections.

Why is a Professional Shaw Pest Control Agency Required?

Controlling rodents is not an easy task. In fact, trying to do it by oneself is doomed to fail, and may even become counterproductive. Simply killing the visible rats or mice, or chasing away the fox that strays into the premises will not solve the problem. Rodent control requires a systematic approach and sustained efforts that only a professional Shaw pest control service can provide.

There may be local laws and regulations in place that govern methods to eradicate pests, for specific pests, such as rabbits or fox. A Shaw pest control agency would be aware of such laws and will have methods to offer effective treatment even while complying with such laws.

It may be necessary to avail pest treatment on an emergency basis to exterminate rodents such as rats, or foxes. As such a Shaw pest control agency with a local office and offering 24-hour support is the best choice.

Professional Shaw pest control service offering rodent control measures offer free consultation on the treatment method, upfront quote, and guaranteed service. They also come with full insurance, to cover any eventualities.