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Professional Ashton-Under-Lyne Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey Bees Can be Menacing Pests

At Young’s Pest Control, we have a team of well trained and experienced exterminators to help you with honey bee control. This primarily involves Ashton-Under-Lyne honey bee nest removal since once the hive is gone, bees will have nowhere to live and they will move elsewhere.

Macro shot of bees swarming on a honeycombWhy Get Rid of Honey Bees?

Despite the fact that bees make honey, we recommend that you get rid of them because:

Painful Bee Stings

Do honey bee swarm removal because bees sting. Bee stings are painful, they cause a lot of discomforts, and they usually cause swelling. Over time, this swelling reduces to itching.

Bee Allergies

One of the greatest reasons why you should go for our Ashton-Under-Lyne honey bee hive removal service is the fact that bee stings cause bee allergies. Symptoms include:

• Itching, swelling, or hives over larger parts of the body
• Swelling of the throat, tongue, or face
• Difficulty in breathing
• Stomach cramps
• Dizziness
• Diarrhea
• Nausea

These symptoms call for medication, with the most common treatment being an epinephrine shot. Doctors recommend that you visit a hospital immediately even if there are signs that the shot is working.

Honeybee swarmDeath

Different people react differently to bee stings. In some, bee stings lead to fatal allergic reactions if immediate medical attention is not sought. It is particularly important that you hire us for honey bee swarm removal if you have kids and pets around. Even in people who are not allergic, honey bees can still cause death because they sometimes attack in swarms.

Bee Aggression

Even if you are an animal lover and you have chosen to co-exist with bees, we still recommend that you do Ashton-Under-Lyne honey bee nest removal because even the slightest aggression makes bees feel threatened. You should be particularly careful in the summer since bees are more aggressive when it’s hot. Bees are also threatened by lawnmowers.


Bees are a nuisance because they make a buzzing noise that prevents your home from being the peaceful haven it was meant to be. Go for our Ashton-Under-Lyne honey bee nest removal service because the presence of bees in your garden also prevents you from engaging in outdoor activities.

Damage to Property

Do honey bee swarm removal because they will damage the part of the home or fixture where they have built their hive.   Hiring us for honey bee control is important because we have the necessary safety gear for the job. We will also guide you on how to keep bees away from your yard.