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Ashton-Under-Lyne Grey Squirrel Control

As uncommon as it may sound to have a grey squirrel problem, Ashton-Under-Lyne grey squirrel control is fast becoming essential in the UK. They will readily inhabit lofts, outbuildings and attics.

How can I tell if I need squirrel removal?

Grey squirrel pestBecause squirrel infestation is not as common as rodents, people can be incredibly naïve to the signs of having unwanted furry friends in their homes. The symptoms can also be similar to rodents, which doesn't help. Squirrel and rats droppings are identical in appearance, so it may be worth calling the experts to find out what you have to deal with. The scratching noises that are all too familiar with mice also come with grey squirrels, as they scurry around quite fast. Seeing a squirrel is probably the easiest way to determine that you need Ashton-Under-Lyne grey squirrel control. Still, unfortunately, they can be entirely covert, and you might not always be able to spot them.

How easy is Ashton-Under-Lyne grey squirrel control?

If you are thinking of executing a home or 'DIY' grey squirrel removal method yourself, you need to consider some factors. Not only will squirrels chew through anything in sight, but they can also pass on fleas to household pets, which gives you another infestation to deal with as well as the original one. Ashton-Under-Lyne grey squirrel control, unfortunately, isn't as easy as shooing out the offending squirrel you catch in your home. Squirrels build their nests, survive in shrubs, thickets and hedges, and live on a diet of nuts and seeds but can just as easily survive on fungi. There are two breeding seasons, February to March and June to July, so if you suspect some infestation around this period, they may be nesting ready to give birth to their litter. Access to lofts and high places that squirrels tend to nest in can be inaccessible and hard to get to.

Grey squirrel close upIf you are thinking of carrying out a home solution, you are leaving yourself at risk of injury trying to seal off the area they are inhabiting and not getting the job done correctly. Young's pest control can carry out a professional Ashton-Under-Lyne grey squirrel control for you, with minimum damage to your home. Most home insurance companies will not pay out for damage caused by pests, so it is better to deal with the problem as quickly and effectively as possible.