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Professional Denton Pest Control Services

We choose to share our lives and our homes with some animals - the cat, the dog, maybe even a pet bird or tame rat. But when animals we didn't choose to move into the home, it can cause a real problem, requiring the help of an expert Denton pest control service to ensure the right treatment is used.

Brown RatA trained rat may make a great pet, but a wild one makes a big problem, and the same can be said for mice, squirrels, moles, birds, foxes and all manner of insects that like to live in our houses almost as much as we do. Fleas and bedbugs can infest the home and cause recurring problems for pets and people. Wasps and bees can build their hives in unexpected places and pose a hazard to human health with their painful stings that sometimes produce serious allergic reactions. Rats, mice and squirrels may chew on electrical wiring, creating a fire hazard, and large animals such as foxes can be a real danger if they feel threatened and lash out. And no matter what species the pest is, it leaves droppings that are unsanitary and may carry bacteria or parasites that can infect humans, or even damage the building itself through staining and corrosion.

Although the first impulse on discovering a pest in the home may be to handle the problem using do-it-yourself techniques, calling in Denton pest control experts is generally a better idea for a number of reasons:

- Pests can be hard to identify, and identification is crucial to ensuring the right treatment is used so the problem doesn't come back.
- Denton pest control can mean getting into inaccessible places around the home, and many people are not comfortable in tight spaces or with heights.
- Denton pest control technicians have the training and equipment to properly use sprays, traps and other pest control products without risking injury or poisoning to themselves or others.
- 24-hour pest removal service means experts are available to deal with the problem promptly.
- Homeowners can be sure that the job is being done thoroughly and effectively rather than guessing whether or not they have done enough to get rid of the infestation.

With 24 hour service and 1-hour emergency response service for pest treatment and control, Young's offers peace of mind and prompt service at unbeatable prices, for a wide range of household pests.