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Professional Hyde Pest Control

Got an uneasy feeling you get when you see an unwanted pest in your home or business? Don't risk your family's safety or the prosperity of your business.

Take Immediate Action

Brown Rat-Call Young’s Pest Control today
- 24-hour pest removal service available 7 days a week
-100% guarantee on all our pest treatments
-Ultra competitive pricing and obligation-free quotes- we care about our customers
-We are Emergency Specialists- at your place within an hour of your call

Avoid Danger and Disease

Rats & Mice - bring diseases and poor hygiene to your home, frighten your children, carry fleas, breed quickly and chew cables that can bring electrical damage and danger.
Fleas & Bedbugs – fleas spread diseases and like bedbugs, their bites cause inflammation, itching and sleeping disturbances.
Wasps, Bees & Other Flying Insects- Painful stings, harmful allergic reactions, and build nests that cause hazardous infestations.
We also effectively remove and control a variety of other pests including birds, rabbits, moles, beetles and ants.

Spotting just a single pest signifies a potentially dangerous threat to the well-being of your family or commercial premises. Be responsible and get professional pest treatment. Call us for an obligation-free Pest Inspection Service to determine the depth of your problem. Employing our Hyde pest removal service treatment will:

Solve your pest problem completely
-Benefit from our excellent expertise & knowledge
-We have the latest technology to remove all vermin and uproot their nests from your home
-avoid ongoing issues and repeat infestations with our long-term pest eradication strategies
-use our home & commercial pest-proofing services to transform your premises into a pest-free, worry-free paradise

Be Safe
-We use the safest possible chemicals
-keep your dwelling toxic-free
-We care for your property and our Hyde pest control techniques ensure your property remains safe with our eco-friendly Hyde pest removal service
-Avoid personal injury risks. We specialise in removing pest hazards from all difficult-to-get-to areas

Save Money
-Avoid wasting money on useless and ineffectual chemicals
-Stop the pests before they cause expensive property damage

Hyde pest control is a serious matter. Remember that the sooner you act then the sooner and more inexpensively your pest treatment issues can be resolved. So...

Don't hesitate. Call Now
-We provide a 24-hour immediate emergency response
-All work Guaranteed & Insured
-Best technology & safest chemical used
-Protect your privacy- we use unmarked vehicles