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Ashton-Under-Lyne Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

Of all the pests that cause annoyance, disruption and fear on a pleasant summer’s afternoon in the garden, it is the wasp or hornet. Both look similar although the hornet is slightly bigger.

While it is the hornet that most consider the more fearsome; it is the less aggressive of the two unless it perceives a threat to its nest. If you believe there may be a wasp nest somewhere in, or close to your garden or property, give Ashton-Under-Lyne wasp nest removal treatment serious consideration, before their presence results in more serious consequences.

Ashton-Under-Lyne wasp control is not something for the DIY enthusiast. Contacting Young’s Pest Control Company will provide a speedy, cost-effective solution to the problem; without the risk of yourself or family being stung trying to effect DIY wasp control yourselves.

Wasp Removal

After the winter months, the surviving queen becomes active, seeking out a new site which could be in or on your house, outbuildings or under an old pile of logs or sheeting lying around in the garden. Buzzing about unnoticed, she nest builds, lays the first lot of eggs to produce the workers, and feeds the first larvae to hatch.

wasp-150x150By mid-late summer the nest will be at its most active, the wasps at their most dangerous. By then it won’t be long before you realise you now have a problem on your hands with them trying to share the kid's lunch, soft drinks or ice cream; and prepared to attack and sting when the children try to swat them away.

Now you need the professional help of Young’s Pest Control Company before that hot summer’s afternoon ends up in A&E with the children having been stung. The problem becomes even more serious if any of the households are allergic to bites and stings, the risk of going into anaphylactic shock being ever-present.

Even if you consider there just may be a nest in the area, contacting Young’s Pest Control Company to discuss Ashton-Under-Lyne wasp nest removal treatment will be time well spent. When the kids go back to school better they write about their fun summer games in the garden than the hours they spent in A&E.